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Holistic Anatomy & Physiology
Wednesday, 01 August 2018 - Saturday, 04 August 2018 10.00 - 13.00
Llangollen - LL20 8PU, North Wales
Way of the Tracker & Perceptual Bodywork/BodyTracking - Professional Training & Core Subjects


Anatomy & Physiology with Pip Waller

The next course will start with an intensive 3 ½ days in Llangollen (LL20 8PU) from August 1st at 10am to August 4th at 1pm
Wednesday 10-6, Thursday  9-6, Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-1

And continue with some 3 hour online sessions:

Wednesday August 15th  9-12
Thursday August 16th  9am-12
Friday August 17th 9am-12

followed by a session in September, date to be arranged to suit us all.

Aims of the course

The overall aim is to present the course in a creative and dynamic way, responding to individual needs of the students and group and continually grounding the anatomy, physiology and pathology knowledge into usefulness in practice.

The aim is for you to finish the course with a good practical understanding of the structure and function of each of the body systems and how they interrelate, as well as receiving an introduction to the Western approach to pathology.

The course comprises 90 hours, approximately 40 of which are contact hours, some face to face, some in online meetings, plus approximately 50 hours home study/assignments

To book
Course cost £450 plus £25 on completion of all homework and exam to get your certificate. To reserve your place a deposit of £100. A further £150 payable by June 1st and the balance of £200 payable August 1st as the course begins.

The draft course outline is below – we will be likely to cover all the subjects listed, plus some more, but not necessarily on the day/in the order they appear below! Each course is structured according to the needs of the particular group. The main thing is, let’s have fun!

Course Content:

Introduction to AP, Overview of the body, Cells and tissues, Organs and systems. Introduction to each system. Homeostasis, organ location. Structure and functions of the skeleton. Types, classification and structure of joints: range of movements.

The structure and function of the fascial body and muscles, including types of muscles (voluntary, involuntary, cardiac). Muscle tone and how and why it can vary. Muscle fatigue: the causes and recognition. The definition of origin and insertion of muscles; origin, insertion and actions of the major muscle groups; functional interaction of muscles, surface anatomy.

Heart, circulation and blood.

Lymphatic drainage and immunity.

The nervous system. Brain, nerves, reflexes, nerve impulse, autonomic nervous system and the stress response.

Respiration: breathing, anatomy of respiratory system, gaseous exchange. Skin.

The urinary tract and the kidney.

Digestion. The gastrointestinal tract and accessory organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreas). Brief introduction to nutrition. Metabolism and detoxification.

The endocrine system.  Reproductive systems.

Introduction to pathology, how to understand western terminology of disease.

Interrelationships between systems – the whole body.

‘Red flag conditions’.

Comments from students:

"I was taught Anatomy, Physiology and pathology by Pip as part of my Holistic Massage diploma. As a registered nurse and now clinical nurse specialist what Pip taught me far outweighed anything I was taught on my degree, I understood the systems so much more than when I was at university. Thank you Pip." Natalie Lee, Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist. Birmingham.

"I was taught anatomy, physiology & pathology by Pip as part of my holistic massage diploma, and it was so much more than that. She managed to ignite a passion for learning about the body, healing and energy work and to always be inquisitive - to really get the mind-body connection and how important a firm base of knowledge is. And my learning journey has continued ever since. Pip's wisdom and insight helped me understand at a deeper level - and there was plenty of laughter and singing too. Corrina Jelleyman - Windsor UK.

"Pip taught me anatomy and physiology in order for me to attain professional status with my Kinesiology course. I loved her enlivening style which was geared towards how I would be using it and in addition to making it very interesting as well as detailed, professional and informative. I found it engaging, and her obvious mastery and innate understanding of the body shone through which gave me a lot of confidence and has led me find a passion for it in myself that I didn’t know was there. I can whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who would just like to know more about the body to those needing a thorough and expert grounding in the subject." ChaNan, Machynlleth

"Learning APP with Pip was a great experience. With her extensive knowledge of the subject she imparted information with warmth and humour and in a way that made it immediately accessible so that not only did we learn about the workings, functions and systems of our bodies but we were able to understand something about how we were living in them! This in my opinion is invaluable.
" LW, PSM healer, Shropshire.

"Pip's fascination, love, and thorough and eclectic knowledge of her subject shines through her teaching.  Her presentation style is vibrant, humorous, creative, engaging and fun.  As a consequence I learned and retained far more than I would have imagined and even enjoyed my homework."  Lala - Llangollen

"Intelligent, funny...only Pip Waller could make anatomy and physiology so exciting. A fabulous healer, teacher, carer, mother and friend..." FH, Dorset

"Pip is an amazing creative herbalist and healer with so much experience and knowledge teaching anatomy and physiology in an interesting accessible way. Us wild n wicked witches loves her deeply. KL Londinium" LINK TO

Required Reading:

Pip Waller: Holistic Anatomy – An Integrative Guide to the Human Body(North Atlantic Books  2010)
I also recommend that you find a good picture book for A & P. Look for Dorling Kindersley or something similar – this book is huge and heavy, so not suitable for everyone, but really excellent pictures and good easy to follow information.
You might also like my Deeply Holistic – A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care NAB January 2018


LL20 8PU, North Wales


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