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Tracey Chaplin CKRP - Chichester & Midhurst, West Sussex

Lifetracking Workshops 1 - 5 running in Midhurst and Chichester.

Mini workshops also available as a taster session for Lifetracking modules. Please feel free to telephone for more information on venue and times.

I have been working as a therapist for 11 years. Firstly, practising Reflexology and then going on to Kinesiology Touch for Health Foundation course. I decided to professionally train with the School of Creative Kinesiology because of its breadth and depth of working with the individual. The way of working is very finely tuned to the specific individual who comes to have a Lifetracking or Creative Kinesiology Session.

I work in Chichester and Midhurst, West Sussex, where I see clients and run workshops and teaching sessions.

Workshops are held at Cowdray Hall and West Stoke Village Hall.

Telephone: 01243 818122 or 0775 2011439

Email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Astro-Creative Kinesiology

Since I started my Kinesiology and Astrological study at roughly the same time, these two streams of wisdom, healing and teaching have been working side by side in my consciousness and I love to blend them together.   Now I am really excited as they are well and truly blending into a workable duo that I can offer to others in both 1-1 client sessions but also with explaining and offering to others to add to their kinesiology toolkit.  It has taken a good 12 year cycle ( those who speak astro babble - a Jupiter cycle) to bring this into a wider forum.  I am sure that other people have matched the two together in the past, but from my point of view the branch of astrology that I have studied and Creative Kinesiology fit together like a glove.

March 30th: If you would like to try a sample then look to the skies at the moment - we have just experienced the new moon in Aries. With the sun in Aries all things related to the Self (definitely a capital S) are in the forefront of the collective.  The question is how healthy is our own Self - we can draw on the energy of the Sun in Aries to help balance ourselves to be the healthiest and most vibrant and self-esteemed Self we can be, always with a view on the polarity, that is Libra energy, which is all about the other.

If you would like to do a mini balance for yourself or someone else then follow your usual switching on protocols and then check the statement "My Self is healthy and balanced' or 'my self-esteem is balanced and working in harmony with others" or 'I start'  - is there anything you need to start to express your Self to fullest potential?  Then follow your usual balancing techniques from that point and check back to the statement at the end.

If anyone would like any more information or to try a balance, then please email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   I am running a two day workshop in June in Chichester (please see the calendar) and planning some more dates in Devon and possibly Wales, later in 2014.

Tracey Chaplin

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