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Carrie Jost

Since 1987 Carrie has worked as a full time therapist and teacher, having discovered what she describes as ‘the wonderful world of complementary health’.  She began her journey of training, starting with massage in 1983, ending with a healing and dowsing course in 2003.

In the intervening 22 years Carrie has trained in many forms of kinesiology, body work, spiritual and shamanic healing as well as psychotherapy and counselling.

Having made the exciting discovery that the body can actually give feedback about how it is functioning – kinesiology has been the basis of Carrie’s work in one to one sessions with clients.  She sees this as an unfolding of the mystery about the way the body is working (or not) and allows a creative process to take place between therapist and client, through witnessing and working with symptoms and problems.   ‘I love the gentle non- invasive work of acupressure and healing that can really shift the energetic problem in the body, relieving symptoms and encouraging a new view on life’.

Understanding that all of our experiences - physical, emotional or spiritual – can be held in our physical self is the basis of the work of Creative Kinesiology.  In the late 1980s Carrie met acupuncturist Haakon Lovell who had put together a new way of working with kinesiology based on energy awareness.  Including some new ideas about the ways that our ancestry, both blood and spiritual, can affect our current lives and giving an altogether new and refreshing approach to how our environment can affect us, brought Carrie’s work to an altogether deeper level.  From this she developed Creative Kinesiology’s foundation course, LifeTracking, and the professional kinesiology course, Way of the Tracker.  The other professional course taught within the CK School, called Perceptual Bodywork brings a creative approach, by using the senses, to bodywork based on Applied Kinesiology.

Over the years the Creative Kinesiology School has expanded and now has teachers taking the courses to different parts of the country.  Carrie’s work is therefore taking the direction of supporting this expansion, as well as continuing to see clients, teach trainers and take master classes.

‘The CK School is on its own path of growth’.  In these exciting and challenging times we live in, a creative approach to working with clients, encouraging them to find their healing capacity and their path in life looks set to be a way forward in the world of complementary therapy.

Carrie was one of the founder members of the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain, and supports the establishment of kinesiology as a recognised complementary therapy reaching a high standard of training and performance.

Carrie can be contacted via the administration office on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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