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Booking a Session

If you would like to book a session of Creative Kinesiology, you can browse our list of Practitioners to find one in your area. You will find contact details on the Practitioners page so that you can get in touch directly and book an appointment or ring for more information.

Length and price of sessions
This depends on the practitioner and how they work, however sessions usually last between one hour and one and a half hours.  Cost varies from practitioner to practitioner, usually based on location and experience. Prices tend to range from £30 to £60.  Your local practitioner will explain this if you get in touch.

Jargon explained:
- some of our practitioners have completed additional training to what is required to practice professionally, and have achieved a high level of experience. They are therefore classed as Advanced Practitioners, registered with the Kinesiology Federation of GB.

KFRP – most of our practitioners are trained to this standard. This means that the practitioner is registered as a professional with the Kinesiology Federation of GB and has completed all their kinesiology training and are up to date with their requirements for Continuing Professional Development.

KF Assoc – - this means that the practitioner has completed their professional kinesiology training but has not yet completed all their core subject training nor their clincial practice. They are under the supervision of a Mentor.

Alternatively you can use the practitioner search facility on the Kinesiology Federation website which gives details of Advanced Registered Practitioners (KFRP Adv/AKFRP), Registered Practitioners (KFRP) and Associate Practitioners (KFAssoc) including different branches of kinesiologies.

The Kinesiology Federation
Creative Kinesiology practitioners who are registered with the Kinesiology Federation abide by the Kinesiology Federation Code of Conduct.

The Kinesiology Federation (KF) is a professional organisation representing kinesiology practitioners, instructors and training schools from a spectrum of different branches of kinesiology.  Its aim, by working as a unifying organisation for these various branches, is to maintain the highest standards possible in training and therapeutic practice for the benefit of both the general public and its membership.  All members agree to work to a well-established code of conduct.

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