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The School of Creative Kinesiology's Group Work Skills Course: 3-days

This 3-day workshop is run in-house by the School of Creative Kinesiology and could also be entitled "Running a Group Made Easy". It is designed to help practitioners of kinesiology or other natural health therapies to become proficient and confident group leaders.

We expect to run this course at some point during 2018.  Courses are arranged to meet demand, so if you are interested and would like to discuss possible options, please contact Ali Ashby at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Course content:

We all spend a lot of our time in groups, whether this is in our family, with work colleagues, when we are in a learning situation or while leading groups. Managing group dynamics is a skill we can all learn, all the more important when we are the group leaders. This workshop aims to equip you, as group leaders, with the necessary skills, methods and approaches for running groups smoothly, adding to your understanding and providing you with enough experience to know how your approach can be at its best.

Over the course of the three days we shall be covering the following:

  • Managing group energy and group dynamics
  • Holding the energy of the group
  • Power and how it operates in groups
  • Pace and rhythm over the course of the group
  • Some of the problem areas in groups and strategies for dealing with them (such as conflict, runaway dynamics and differing agendas)
  • Various models and maps of group processes
  • Exercises in awareness within groups
  • Structuring a course to take account of the above
  • Having a go at holding and running the group for a short time.

So that you can gain an immediate understanding of the theory of group work, we shall unpick what is happening as the group progresses through the three days. You will have the opportunity to lead a short session, to receive feedback and to find ways to develop your style of leadership.

The course is open to anyone wanting to learn more about leading small groups. It is recognised as continuing professional development (CPD) by the Kinesiology Federation (UK).

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