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The School of Creative Kinesiology's Practice Management Course: 3-days

This Practice Management course is run in-house by the School of Creative Kinesiology. It is a wonderful way to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of running a natural health business, as well as a way to bring creativity into tasks such as writing a holistic business plan or accounts.  Creative Kinesiology’s tracking approach to help your practice grow and working with the 5-element model can make business exciting and fun.

Courses coming up:

Practice Management Core Subject with Karen Way, Isle of Wight, starting March 23-24, 2019

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it who will help signpost you to a teacher in your area.

The is a creative course with a difference, and is designed to help practitioners of kinesiology or any complimentary therapy or natural health practice to successfully manage and grow their business. A key aim is to help the practitioner to know what they are offering as a therapist and to get that message out across the airwaves. The course will be covering aspects of getting your business going, what you need to know if you are a new practitioner, as well as maintaining and nurturing your holistic business.

Course content
Topics include:

  • Creating a holistic business plan
  • Material world marketing
  • Etheric marketing & broadcasting your signal
  • The 5 Elements and your business
  • The importance of mentoring
  • Money & charging
  • Your business vision
  • Who you are as a practitioner
  • Business growth and maintenance
  • Motivation and stamina – physical & energetic
  • Measuring success & setting goals
  • Overwork and how to recognise burn out
  • Healing as a process
  • Location of your practice
  • Self employment
  • Managing expectations – practitioner and client
  • Managing fears & strategies for success

Course Details

Three days:  2-days + 1 extra day at a later date, plus home study.

Home study:
This involves the writing of a holistic business plan - in a creative way, to be completed between teaching sessions.

On successful completion of the tuition days and the home study you will be awarded an Practice Management certificate from the School of Creative Kinesiology.

The course covers the syllabus required by the Kinesiology Federation as a core subject. This certificate can be submitted to the Kinesiology Federation to support your application to become a Registered Practitioner of Kinesiology (KFRP).

The course is open to anyone who has completed a Kinesiology Foundation Syllabus training or any holistic therapy/natural health training, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Physiotherapy or similar.

Continuous self-assessment, peer and trainer assessment, practical exercises, individual home-study project, discussion and continuous feedback.

Mentoring is offered during the course as well as afterwards whilst home study is being completed. Mentoring is also available after the course has finished for those who require that service.


This is an ethical requirement for practitioners and is an essential part of this training course.

Other Practice Management Courses:
Kinesiology Federation recognised courses can be found by following this link to the Kinesiology Federation website.

Enquire at your Local Skills Centre or Job Centre about courses in setting up a business. You will need at least two day’s training.

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