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Kirsten McIver CKAP - Llanidloes & Newtown, Powys

Through Kirsten’s training in Creative Kinesiology, Sound Therapy, and Bodywork she has discovered that the deep truth of the body is communicated through her clients energy that is held within the physical body.

Through her work as a theatre practitioner she acknowledges that the body has a story and is able to listen to and weave that story through the safe healing space she creates.

She gives time to deeply witness and listen to the stories that are revealed whether this is through her hands on the body or through energy medicine.

Kirsten was introduced to Creative Kinesiology in 2015, when she was witnessed and given the opportunity to connect with her own Body Intelligence. She felt as if she was shown a map that was her own internal understanding of how she is in the world. She was then guided through her sessions on how to navigate this map.

“I love the freedom that CK brings to explore an issue, that all of you is welcome here.  I feel honoured to walk beside my clients and to be able to hold the space for anything to happen, for me to be able to witness a persons 100% intelligence of the body. For me witnessing is the key, it is energy, it is listening without words, and experiencing your own body's intelligence”

You can contact Kirsten on: 07779 450998

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