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Ute Behr - Exeter, Devon

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Ute (CKA Student Practitioner) is undertaking her 'Perceptual BodyTracking' training with Judith Hart in Devon.

My name is Ute Behr, I live in Exeter and I am the mother of two children aged 8 and 12, one of them being neuro-different.

I grew up in Germany and first came to the UK in 2002 as a student. I permanently settled in Exeter in 2007. The Southwest offers a wonderfully rich and diverse natural backdrop and I feel privileged to live in such close proximity to the Exe Estuary, the beaches, Dartmoor and Exmoor, the rugged coast of Cornwall and the picturesque coastal towns of North and South Devon. Whenever I can I treat myself to time in nature: to go out for a hike in my favourite spots or to discover areas in Devon and Cornwall that I haven't seen before.

I also have a huge passion for yoga and I practice it daily when I can.

Previously, I worked in a GP surgery in Germany and in the UK, I worked for the NHS summarising patient files. In this role, I practiced doing the 'detective work': to find the link between the patient's complex life stories or single significant life events and their developing symptoms and illnesses. That was when I first came to realise how great the relationship between certain events and physical disease are.

My first contact with Creative Kinesiology happened by chance, but since then I have been constantly amazed by what Kinesiology can bring to people.

I am convinced that Creative Kinesiology is able to act as a bridge between the science based Western Medicine and more traditional, body, mind and spirit based healing techniques. Both concepts draw on the scientific concept of 'homeostasis' which means that our bodies are created to maintain an equilibrium through self regulation and feedback systems.

Creative Kinesiology however adds further understanding to how those feedback loops are created: i.e. through the flow of energy in the body channels that are called the meridians. Kinesiology can test for imbalances that have been caused by physical, nutritional, emotional or other factors and it can aid the body to restore its natural balanced state through a variety of non-intrusive and gentle yet effective techniques. This approach considers the body as a greater entity than its physical components and addresses illness not just based on its symptoms, but as a process that also includes for example mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors.

Each client and their bodies contain everything that is needed for the transformation and re-balancing into the state of homeostasis and I intent to provide a protected space for them, to witness this with each client and to support and provide gentle guidance for them based on their bodies' truth. It is a journey that veers away from a culture of prescription medicine and knowledge hierarchy and gives back the power and authority to the client.

Many existential human experiences such as personal transformation, embodying experiences, pain, self love and self care, confusion, life dreams, letting go, growing older, grief and trauma etc. play an important part in my clients' journey – just as they have been in mine – and I approach this journey with the help of Creative Kinesiology from a place of acceptance, compassion, kindness, understanding and non judgment.

You can contact Ute on:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 07941 641515

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