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Becoming a CK Teacher

The School of Creative Kinesiology aims for excellence and takes the training of its teachers very seriously, in order to pass on the integrity of Creative Kinesiology to all students. We welcome those prospective teachers who wish to maintain this tradition and therefore ask our trainee teachers to undertake intensive training.

The CK School is currently preparing its two teacher training courses for recognition by the Kinesiology Federation.  These are Presenting Kinesiology and Group Work Skills.  Included within this will be observation of new teachers.  Observation of new teachers may be a requirement, by the Head of the CK School, from this date.  Once these courses are recognised and we have our own teacher trainer programme, the City and Guilds PTLLS and CTLLS will no longer be required.

If you would like to join our expanding group of teachers please see below for requirements.

Teaching LifeTracking

The LifeTracking Series is the Creative Kinesiology School’s Foundation Training.  To become a LifeTracking teacher, you will need the following qualifications:

  • Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner (KFRP)
  • Practised as a professional Kinesiologist for a minimum of 3 years
  • Completed the LifeTracking courses or equivalent kinesiology course
  • Repeated the LifeTracking courses, with a view to teaching
  • Have undertaken practice teaching sessions when you repeated the above course and were assessed by the trainer
  • Have a ‘Way of the Tracker’ certificate: as a Creative Kinesiology Professional Training Course
  • Group Work Skills certificate
  • Presenting Kinesiology certificate
  • City and Guilds PTLLS teaching certificate
  • The permission of the Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology  to begin teaching LifeTracking
  • Any further training deemed necessary by the Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology

If you think you have equivalent qualifications to the ones listed above and wish to teach LifeTracking, please contact the Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology.

It may be possible to begin to teach LifeTracking if you are committed to completing these qualifications, at the discretion of the Head of the School of Creative Kineisology.

LifeTracking Taster/Short Workshops can be run by CK practitioners who have completed the Way of the Tracker or Perceptual Bodywork plus LifeTracking, and who are practising professionally and have permission from the Head of the School of the Creative Kineisology.

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