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Teaching Way of the Tracker

Way of the Tracker is one of the Creative Kinesiology School’s Professional Training courses.  To become a Way of the Tracker teacher, you will need the following qualifications:

  • Kinesiology Federation  Advanced Registered Practitioner (KFRP,Adv]
  • Practised as a professional Kinesiologist for a minimum of 5 years
  • Have taught at least 2 full foundation level courses
  • Have a ‘Way of the Tracker’ certificate
  • Repeated Way of the Tracker, Creative Kinesiology Professional Training Course and completed the homestudy set for the repeated course
  • Have undertaken practice teaching sessions when you repeated the above course and were assessed by the trainer
  • Group Work Skills certificate
  • Presenting Kinesiology certificate or Touch for Health ITW certificate
  • City and Guilds CTLLS teaching certificate
  • The permission of the Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology to begin teaching Way of the Tracker
  • Any further training deemed necessary by the Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology

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