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Fleur Brodie CKRP - Salcombe, Kingsbridge & Totnes, Devon

I have lived in Salcombe in the beautiful South Hams area of Devon for the past 38 years, which has given me a wonderful opportunity to indulge in my passion for the sea, swimming, rowing, cliff walking and practising yoga on the beach.

I came to Creative Kinesiology back in 2006, and after completing the Foundation Course of LifeTracking, went on to qualify in the Way of the Tracker in 2009, taught by Carrie Jost, Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology and complete Perceptual Bodywork in 2010.

I continue to attend courses and workshops to ensure that I am staying on track with my own learning and deepening my abilities and understanding of this amazing work.

I have been a part of a Native American Medicine Wheel Group since 2009, and feel that these teachings have become embodied within my work.

I strongly believe in the body's ability to heal itself and Creative Kinesiology is a wonderful way of assisting and facilitating a person through this process.

I work from my home in Salcombe, and my current charge is £45.00 for 1 1/2 hrs.session.

To enable a client to go deeper, I would recommend an initial  commitment to three sessions.

My contact details:  Tel: 01548843197,  Mobile: 07966545379, Website:


' I have been to many therapists and Fleur, for me, is exceptional.  She balances deftly between so many levels, communicating with my mind, with my emotions, with that which I am not aware of within me and yet which she slowly brings to my attention.  It feels like she has helped me recognise my wings, and teaches me how to fly; shows me my gifts and how to use them.   I cannot praise her enough.  Having studied a masters in Jungian Psychoanalysis I feel I have an aperture into therapy, but what I have experienced with Fleur takes it to a new level.  She seems to effortlessly bypass my agenda and is able, with her knowledge and well trained practice, to get straight to the point within a single session - which in my experience in the fields of psychoanalysis took weeks, months, if not years.  When I sit with her, it feels as if other dimensions open up that take me closer to who I am, something that I cannot do alone and yet with Fleur feels as simple as child's play.  I am deeply grateful to her for the enrichment I have felt thanks to sessions we have shared together.'  - Julia

'Fleur has used Creative Kinesiology to help me with a range of physical and emotional issues.  I find she gets to the heart of the matter.   My life has improved a lot'  S.S. (Devon)

'I found Fleur incredibly talented and gifted in her work.  She is a great listener who is then capable of taking that information and finding a solution.   I have found that I can relax in Fleur's presence and take a charge of what I need to do.   The most incredible result for me has been a tremor that I have experienced for 6 weeks, disappeared in 10 minutes.  I would highly recommend anyone wishing to find a solution to an emotional or physical problem to meet with Fleur and discover an amazing way of working towards  empowering oneself and moving forward in better health and harmony' - Sue

'Fleur puts you at ease straight away, you feel totally comfortable and safe in her presence, its amazing work and I have and do highly recommend her' - Claire

'A fascinating and effective treatment.  Fleur's caring and professional approach gave me exactly the treatment I needed. Thank you' - Lindsay

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