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Jo Barker CKAP - Canterbury, Kent

Jo's passion in life is Permaculture - Sustainable human culture. She sees Life Tracking as the most empowering peoplecare system for self care and family health, as it is drug free and has easy to learn powerful tools, it encourages self reliance and optimum well being.

Creative Kinesiology is integrated into her life. She uses it everyday for herself, her family, friends and clients.

Jo started Kinesiology training in New Zealand in 2002 with a Kinesiology for Kids course followed by Brain Gym and Touch for Health. She chose Creative Kinesiology as her professional Kinesiology pathway and completed the Way of the Tracker in 2005. She has also trained as a Life Coach (2003) and in other healing modalities and particularly likes to include Thought Field Therapy. She enjoys making up individual vibrational essences. She brings all this to her practise as a Life Tracker.

"I enjoy working with all individuals, groups and the land. I seem to attract pregnant women, children and mums. I recently completed a contract working as a Community Business Coach with 'economically inactive' individuals and utilised Life Tracking tools when I could."


"Mornings used to be incredibly stressful getting the kids up and to school. It sounds bizarre but after doing one session with Jo mornings are easy and I even have time to do ironing." Mum, E Kent. This balance was in 2007 and still holds true.

"My birth was easy and fun'. Jo helped release stress from my first birth and gave me this affirmation for my second. It was easy and fun, thanks Jo."

I offer sessions at home in Bekesbourne, Canterbury; at The Manor Barn, Centre for Peace and Personal Development, Thanington, Canterbury and via phone and Skype.

Telephone: 01227 832569

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