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Lyn Whittington CKRP - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

I trained with The School of Creative Kinesiology – completing the Lifetracking Course in 2010 and the Creative Kinesiology , Way of the Tracker in 2011.

I first became involved with Kinesiology whilst seeking help for my own health. I was immediately impressed by the way it got to ‘the root of the problem’ and worked in an effective, holistic, drug free way. I was amazed both by the way my body could provide such accurate information and how the practitioner works co-creatively, journeying alongside the client . I gained a fascinating insight into my own health which enabled me to make some decisions for me to develop personally. Not only was my health restored but I was also shown some tools that help me to take responsibility for it. I was so inspired that I decided to train as a Kinesiologist.

Testimonials :

‘As for my treatments – The first thing I ask myself is the basic “ Did they help?” and the answer is “ Definitely  yes they certainly did !” I felt very safe in your hands. I never felt judged or uncomfortable, only your desire to help me. I am truly amazed by the process of Kinesiology and the accuracy of the answers and the healing carried out. When I came to our first session it was with some trepidation; now a session excites me as I know with certainty I shall be nurtured, healed and more positive when I leave! ‘ Liz L  Chichester

‘I just had to tell you that the first balancing has removed in 2 days, the awful taste I had been suffering from for weeks and weeks. I felt as though we had been on a journey of discovery together. As my travelling companion you were sensitive yet strong, practical but caring .I felt safe and very happy to share my energy with yours. Thank you for your knowledge, intuition and sincerity ‘
Jenny D Isle of Wight

‘Your treatment was brilliant. You have a nice, calming manner. I felt totally relaxed’
Caroline B Isle of Wight

If you chose to contact me, it will be my wish to share with you the invaluable experiences of kinesiology, to help you to improve your health, quality of life and purpose.

I have also worked as a teacher and in education management for 39 years including 10 years as a Special Needs Co–ordinator. I still work in school at times with pupils and believe that children can benefit from kinesiology too. I also have qualifications in Counselling, Reiki and Brain Gym and am an NLP practitioner.

I am based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

I can be contacted on: 01480 811329 or

mobile: 07791 220242

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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