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Jacqueline Lawes CKAP, Ashburton, South Devon, Exeter & East Devon

Jacqueline combines Creative Kinesiology with Traditional Shiatsu Massage and Body Balancing techniques. She works on all levels for connection; mind, body and soul.

She says “My background is in Chinese Medicine and Bodywork. I love all kinds of bodywork and I hold the belief that change through the physical body, helps the healing on all levels to take root.”

“Over the years I have found myself specialising in stress release, nervous system disorders, back pain and detox. I also love working with soul issues; journeying with people to find purpose and meaning, discover talents, enhance connection, and heal family and ancestral dynamics.

Really it’s all a great privilege, working with everyone who comes, and with whatever is showing up at that time; being able to offer support on the next part of this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey of life.”

Jacqueline brings 20 years experience as a therapist and a Yogi. She works with a range of techniques which include chakra and subtle body balancing, soul connection, cranial stress release, zone reflexes, chiropractic muscle balancing and ancestral healing.

Jacqueline lives in the wild lands of Dartmoor. Her relationship with the land informs her work. She teaches Medicine Dance and Yoga and has a local therapy practice. She continues to study Shamanic Healing (8 years) which includes belonging to a Medicine Wheel healing circle and taking yearly Vision Quests.

What clients say:

"Thank you for offering such a strong and deep holding; a gateway to embody more Soul and self-compassion; a priceless healing time. I’m deeply touched by the way you give heart to all that you do." Jo, Accountant

“Your sensitivity and openness makes me feel safe, heard and held. I always leave our session’s feeling clear and grounded with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.” Stella, Mum.

“ I love your intuitive approach - I always learn about myself and finish a session feeling lighter. Sometimes a physical problem might lead on to an emotional issue and ultimately spiritual peace. Your sessions have really helped me to move on with my life.” Margaret, Teacher.

“Amazing, it was when you were massaging my legs I felt a big release in my head. My neck and shoulders feel so much better.  Thankyou.” Matthew, C.E.O.

Contact phone number: 07880 852247

You can find out more about Jacqueline at

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