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Susan Shanaz Baker CKRP - Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Manchester

I’ve been involved with healing energy for over 9 years as a qualified crystal healer with the International Association for Crystal Healing Therapists and as a reiki master I’ve also undertaken training with the Nutritional Healing Foundation.

Through my own journey to well being I discovered kinesiology and had many wonderful balances with Judith Hart who suggested I trained to become a practitioner – I’m so glad I did.

Creative kinesiology and Life tracking have become my passion as they are such empowering and co-creative ways of working!

I also offer food sensitivity testing: Having had wheat and gluten allergies myself I understand how important it is to get your diet right and to help bring about balance to the system. Through doing the food sensitivity testing I’ve realised that we are all so unique – what’s healthy for one person can be causing distress for another.

The thing I love about working with Creative Kinesiology is the flexible and fluid approach – how we can explore every level of our being from the very mundane to the more esoteric. It truly is a voyage of discovery.

I also run ‘Wisdom of the crystals’ workshops, crystal dowsing and self empowerment workshops.

I believe that everyone can be empowered to heal them selves!

If you want to check out my website for more information its

I’m currently based in Todmorden in Lancs & W Yorkshire with easy access from Manchester. I do offer mobile treatments in some circumstances

Kinesiology treatments usually last about an hour and cost £35

Telephone: 07973 507497

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