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Iona Chamberlain ACKRP - North Norfolk (Holt) & Norwich

After my first session in 2004 I was so impressed that I knew I wanted to become a Professional!  I was fortunate to begin with a master-class from the inspirational founder of “Touch for Health”, John Thie, who wanted to share the knowledge of the merging of both east and west holistic medicine with the wider public.  Since then I have undertaken many training courses, particularly with the wonderful Carrie Jost, Head of the CK School who has helped me gain more compassion and centredness.

In my practice I will be incorporating all the deep listening and witnessing skills I have gained from life, from training and my own self-awareness journey. I feel it is an honour to help people reveal and release issues which can then empower them to live a more vibrant, fulfilled and abundant life. I aim to be a kind of Facilitator/Coach/Companion to help bring clarity and insight to any challenging circumstances. I can offer an opportunity for clients to feel more ‘in tune’ with all that life has to offer and this can support a raising of consciousness, so there is more lightness of heart and a greater sense of joy and peace, of beingness – that is why I love a session being called a “balance”.

As an Ecologist I also have a love of the natural environment and volunteer for many organisations to help people connect more deeply with this.  It can help be a reminder that we are all part of one big eco-system and it can help bring a sense of belonging and encourage people to be more ‘in touch’ with their own true nature – their essence.


Private Consultations:

Sessions (a ‘balance’) last for approx. one hour at £40 (Holt)  £45 (Norwich), with an initial series of 3 sessions for £110 / £125.

Courses/Group work:

Balancing Energy:

1.5 hour weekly sessions to discover more about the power of subtle energy - £10.  You can gather your own group of 6+ and fix a time & venue that suits you.

Conscious Holistic Nourishment:

Nurture yourself on all levels for health, happiness & to love the body you are in.   If you carry extra weight – know it is not just about food. Regular sessions over 5 months to inform, inspire & support your journey of well-being.  From £250

Mini Introductory Workshop:

Experience and learn empowering self-help techniques and raise awareness of triggers in your life and how to respond in a more balanced way. 5 hrs.  £35


For further self-development & to help friends & family. This can also be a foundation to become a Professional Practitioner. 10 days - long weekends £750

Professional Way of the Tracker & Perceptual BodyTracking courses may also be available.

Iona's Professional Qualifications:

  • Kinesiology Foundation: ‘Touch for Health’ with founder John Thie 2004
  • Way of the Tracker: 2005 & 2008
  • Perceptual Bodywork: 2005 & 2011
  • LifeTracking Teaching: accred. 2014
  • Reiki Master: 2004
  • Other: Trained in many holistic therapies incl. Shabdan’s light language, Medicine Wheel & Ancestral Meridians – “The Inner Temple”.
  • Ecologist: BSc (Hons): appreciating our interconnectedness & the importance of harmony in life for mutual creative expression.


I certainly feel more focused and it was a powerful experience.  The approach is profound in the way it ‘tracks alongside’ and you were very perceptive” SL

Kinesiology is a healing process that enables you to get to the heart of your issues.  Iona powerfully integrates healing therapies from a range of disciplines.  Using her intuition alongside muscle monitoring, Iona guides, encourages and supports you to take the steps needed to move towards freedom of thought, word and deed.  If you allow Iona to work with you, it will be a transformative experience.  LM

Contact details:

Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel:  07876 755450


Iona's Leaflet: please click here

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