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Biddy Mayo CKRP, KFRP - Holne & Exeter, Devon

Like many others I discovered the joys of kinesiology during a period of crisis and poor health in 2003, after the birth of my 3rd child. I was bowled over by the immediate alleviation of some physical symptoms, and also the realisation that this was something I had been looking for – a way for me to bring lasting healing to my whole person – body, mind and spirit.

I love Creative Kinesiology because there is no wrong way – the allowing of what Is, and for its breadth and flexibility, for the way it can focus on the minutiae in a person while at the same time holding the links to the vastness of the whole picture.  This resonates with my belief in the fundamental importance of community – starting with the individual, in which even a cell is a community in itself, and broadening the concept through the Five Element theory, into relationships, family and our physical environment, right through to a global scale and beyond, past, present and future.  CK gives us a way into this picture at the most accessible point and the techniques to bring balance, harmony and healing where they can be most effective.

I have taken courses in Lifecare Kinesiology, Life Tracking, Way of the Tracker and Perceptual Bodywork, and continue my studies with short courses, the Medicine Wheel teachings and Mayan Astrology. I offer all that I learn in my work and am especially interested in how kinesiology can be used to support learning – both in formal education and informally in making the most of our potential in this life.

I currently offer sessions in South Devon at my home near Ashburton/Buckfastleigh, and at Southernhay Clinic, Exeter  – telephone or text me at 01364 631676, mobile: 07715610777 or email
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My charges are based on an hourly rate of £30-£35 (depending on location), with concessions available and I often offer special rates for people willing to be case studies in support of my learning, research and development as a practitioner. Please contact me to discuss current options!This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sarah: "I love my sessions with Biddy and always go along with a sense of joyful anticipation.  She has a calm manner so creates a warm and safe place to work and balance.  The atmosphere helps me to contact the truth within me without the thinking mind taking control.  Throughout a balancing session I feel really secure and can feel the process working at the same time sensing Biddy’s enjoyment in what she does.

I find the process of asking questions of the body and finding the necessary steps for the balancing, makes a kind of mirror for me in which I see what is going on within me – often things I have been ignoring.  Our sessions together act as a reference point to how things are in the bigger scheme of things."

Kevin: (after first session) "Had to text you immediately – no spinning inverted, or when cycling, whatsoever.  You’re brilliant!"

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