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Gill Bannerman CKAP - Orcop & Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

I love the work of Creative Kinesiology (CK).

Its gentle ways allow us a surprising insight into what is going on in our whole being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be as deep or far-reaching as we are willing to go – not only to restore a sense of balance in our lives and enhance our wellbeing but also to create an opportunity for profound and lasting change. We can track to the underlying cause of a problem and then find what is needed to heal it. The information provided through muscle testing offers us the possibility to heal old wounds, help deal with difficult situations and uncover hidden treasures, allowing us to realise our true potential and live our lives to the full.  It can truly help us to find a better way of being.

I have always preferred a natural approach to healthcare but it was only when I hit a particularly difficult time in my life that I fully realised that I needed to take responsibility for my own health. That was back in the 80s when my four children were still small. I made use of flower remedies, discovered taichi and embarked on a short course in Medical Herbalism. Much later, after a variety of odd jobs, a few years in France keeping sheep and chickens, growing most of our own food and making cider, a few more odd jobs and a Fine Art degree, I qualified in 2005 as a Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui tradition.

At the beginning of 2007 I stumbled upon something called Touch for Health (TFH) - and here began my training in kinesiology. It wasn’t easy to begin with, but somehow I knew it would be worth the struggle. Something told me there was a world of riches waiting to be explored. I completed the TFH Foundation training in 2008, which gave me a good solid grounding but left me wanting to know more.

Perceptual Bodywork (PB) was my next step in which I qualified in 2009. PB is a wonderful blend of Applied Kinesiology techniques and Ancient Wisdom compiled by Natalie Davenport.  I then chose to further my professional training, to expand and deepen my understanding of the work (and of myself), and went on to study Way of the Tracker (WOTT), completing this in March 2011. Way of the Tracker was created and developed by Carrie Jost (head of the CK school) and is a rich, deep and delicious mix of techniques and teachings from a broad spectrum of ancient and modern disciplines, from shamanism to psychotherapy.

Way of the Tracker and Perceptual Bodywork are the two professional courses offered by the School of Creative Kinesiology and are complete in-depth trainings in their own right. When woven, and worked with, together they form a powerful combination.

I continue to study and continue to learn – the more I know the more I want to know.

I’ve recently moved to the lovely Herefordshire countryside with my husband Tim where we’ve just planted a small cider apple orchard which we hope will start bearing fruit in six or seven years time. I love getting my hands into this gorgeous rich earth and working, as harmoniously as I know how, with Nature. I also enjoy singing (a new discovery for me) with a local group, regular taichi practice and working as a volunteer with my local Age Concern group.

As a practitioner I place great emphasis on providing a sensitive, confidential and caring environment. My plans for a dedicated treatment space are slowly taking shape; in the meantime I can work from my home or consider home visits.

If you would like to know more or book a session please get in touch.

Individual sessions normally last about an hour and cost £30. (First session 1½ hours ~ £40)

Phone: 01981 580685

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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