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Karen Evans CKRP - Totnes, Devon

That old classic advert  ‘I liked the product so much I bought the company’ is a good expression to describe the enthusiasm that many kinesiologists have in arriving as practitioners in this modality of spiritual healing:  Personal experience of the, dare I say ‘magical’ quality of how it works seems to shine a light for many who are at a crossroads in their lives and looking for something more meaningful.  And I am one of them!

The joy of working with, and receiving Creative Kinesiology is akin to an unplanned adventure.  You never quite know where you are headed but, as a practitioner, I find it a privilege and an honour to be guided by a person’s higher knowing to help them find what they need.  Whether it’s to release stress or guide to our potential, it is a sincere joy to hear the ‘ah’s’ of recognition when the hidden piece, block or realisation comes to light.  And, as practitioners, we are not finding it for you, we are following the lead of your body to what it already knows and wants in its search for balance.

The kinesiology sessions are often referred to as ‘balances’ and finding balance, in one form or another, has been the basis of my life.  Externally, in work, I have balanced books in administration for many years.  Internally, in my spiritual practice, I have been seeking my own personal balance and have been particularly focussed on finding my own internal yin/yang balance:  I have always felt that the key to all successful relationships is in finding our own strong, loving, clear sense of self and place in the world first.  As within, so without.

I work from home in Totnes.

Please contact me on: 01803 863930

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