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Jan Hillman CKRP - Billericay, Essex

I discovered kinesiology or I could say, it discovered me after the anniversary of my mums death in 1999.  What started as a 'treat' to help me overcome my grief became a fascinating journey that led on a path of 'treating' others.

I then started on a course of Touch for Health & from there, it never stopped. In 2001, I completed the Creative Kinesiology professional course 'Way of the Tracker' with Carrie Jost.  I always wanted to learn more & kept going with my learning.  In the meantime I was working with the elderly & people with learning difficulties.

Looking at widening my experience, I qualified in Swedish massage, Indian head massage, hot stones, bamboo massage, foot reading & tuning forks.

As nutrition is an important part of our life & well being, I became a distributor for some amazing minerals. Our bodies are often depleted of enough minerals so we become low in energy, lethargic & run down.

That is the beauty of kinesiology. We can muscle test to find out what our bodies need at any time, whether it be extra minerals, work on our acupuncture points, counselling, food or vitamins, music, sound, rest or exercise or addressing a situation that happened in our past or present & left issues within us.   Whatever it may be, as a kinesiologist we have the tools to address the situation & deal with it, which in turn leads us to be able to find peace & relaxation within ourselves.

I work from home & offer a treatment for 1 1/2 hours for £30
Concessions are available

Phone: 01277 624854 / 0779 6118216

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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