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Kay Frost BA (Hons) ACKRP , BCMA - Taunton, Somerset

Kay Frost BA (Hons) ACKRP, BCMA (Reg)

Kay has been a qualified Complementary Health Practitioner since 1995.  She is an experienced professional Kinesiologist, Massage and Flower Essence Therapist who is also qualified to give Diet and Nutrition advice and holds regular clinics in Taunton, Somerset.



Kay uses a very wide range of healing techniques within her Kinesiology treatments drawn from her experience in Anatomy and Physiology, Creative Kinesiology, Diet and Nutrition, Touch For Health, Subtle Energy Systems following Eastern principles of energy flow and vibrational healing, Acupressure, Meridians and Chakras, Flower Essences, Visual Culture and Colour, The Environment and also from the wisdom of the Earth based traditions of England.  Each session is highly individual and unique.  Kinesiology promotes natural health, well-being and positivity.

£45 approximately one hour session (price includes any Flower Essences used in the session)

FOOD & ENVIRONMENT SENSITIVITY/INTOLERANCE TESTING (with biofeedback from gentle non-invasive muscle testing)

£50 for 60 mins

FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY (price includes all essences)

£45 for 60 mins


The benefits of massage are extensive and widely recognised today.  This lovely treatment offers total relaxation for your mind and body bringing the refreshing after effect of being re-energised.  Neal’s Yard Remedies aromatherapy blends are combined with natural carrier oils carefully selected for each treatment.

£60 for 90 mins, £45 for 60 mins, £30 for 30 mins

Please go to: for further information.

You may also contact Kay directly through the contact page on her website.

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