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Claire Cutler-Casey CKRP - York & Stamford Bridge

I help you bring balance to your own life, whatever your situation and find time for yourself to breathe, relax and prepare for the next step of your journey.

I came to traditional medicine after modern medical interventions were unable to resolve various personal health issues that impacted my daily life, I was often sick and exhausted most days; life was a constant drag.  I had a career that I loved, a beautiful daughter and a lovely home but I was always too drained to enjoy them.  I knew that I was out of kilter but had no idea how to get back on track.

After my first Kinesiology session my mind was blown; with a renewed respect for the wisdom of my own body and a greater understanding of how to improve my own well being, I began to heal, layer by layer, each day feeling a bit easier, with more energy and less sickness. I was excited, for the first time, in a long time, with more energy and enthusiasm for life, I chose to re-train as a professional kinesiologist and massage therapist.

After completing my Touch for Health training I progressed onto the Way of the Tracker, my respect for the innate wisdom of every being grew exponentially and continues to do so as I witness the healing journeys of my clients, peers and teachers.  I never fail to be amazed at what amazing pieces of kit living beings are and how the practice of kinesiology can help to access the information held within and balance those connections that bring joy and balance to our lives.

I am passionate about sharing the simple kinesiology techniques and their profound results with the world and, today, my rewards come daily as I witness the smiles on my client’s faces when that feeling of wellbeing fills them from top to toe.

I see clients privately for Kinesiology sessions from my room in the beautiful countryside just outside York.  I also teach Touch for Health Kinesiology.

To find out more please visit or call 01759 377341 / 07541 320113

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