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Vic Jenkins CKRP - South Devon

Vic Jenkins: Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner

I became fascinated with energy medicine while studying reiki almost twenty years ago, and since then have introduced energy tools and techniques into my everyday life. Both in my work and in my personal life I've discovered a natural ability for helping people see alternative perspectives and address issues and blocks.

In my creative kinesiology professional training (Way of the Tracker, 2014) I found the perfect way to bring these two things together in one healing practice. Working with clients to help them feel more balanced and in tune with their own healing and path through life is a joy and a privilege.

I offer a safe and supportive space - somewhere without judgement or expectations, where we can gently witness whatever needs to be seen. Through muscle testing we can explore issues or imbalances and find new ways of looking at your 'story' - your life experiences and patterns of behaviour, or the beliefs that can obscure your true self and soul's potential.

In kinesiology sessions, I aim to support your healing on all levels - emotional, spiritual, energetic, physical - so you can begin to find your way back to 'wellness' and experience yourself for who you really are.

"Vic has turned out to be a crucial part of my recovery so far. She is a very calming person to be around and always offers me support and gives me some clarity on what I am feeling.

Today was a typical example - I have come away feeling more secure with my emotions because of what we talked about. I feel so comfortable with Vic, I could tell her anything and I know she wouldn't judge me. Now my medical treatment has finished it’s the psychological fight that I am facing and I feel Vic is there for me every step of the way."

"What I like about kinesiology is it relies on input from both therapist and client -  it is an exploration that involves both parties contributing. There is no right or wrong, just enquiry, journey and interpretation. There is no pressure in answering questions as the body will respond and the path opens up.  

Vic has a gift of intuition and can gently use this to further enquiry and find appropriate treatments to restore balance and energy. She not only listened to the words that I was saying but understood the feelings and emotions that I was trying to express.

I felt at ease in her company and completely safe and unjudged - essential for an effective trusted therapeutic relationship."

Please contact Vic on: 07747 618772

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