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Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink CKAP - West Wales

Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink, CKAP

My first love, for as long as I can remember, is the beauty and magic of the natural world and the adventure of exploring it. As a child, I was always happiest in the woods, helping out in the garden or making mischief in between helping out on my granddad's farm. I also devoured every book in the library on the natural world and on the great explorers of the world, dreaming about making my own discoveries.

These early experiences laid the foundations for my working adult life, where I continued to explore both the everyday and the magical aspects of life. A love for science saw me studying biology, which found an application in teaching practical environmental skills. Practising Zen shiatsu gave me a fascinating way of working based on integrating western science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studying and teaching Tai Chi taught me about movement, flow and balance. And the explorations into the more magical side of life drew me into the beautiful world of crystal beings, sacred sound and the ancestral realms.

I encountered Creative Kinesiology when I was going through a challenging time in my life and I fell head over heels for this beautiful way of working and being. It now has become an integral part of my life.

I love how it has a solid scientific foundation, but at the same time leaves plenty of room for intuition and magic. I love how my previous experience and knowledge gained in other disciplines seamlessly fits in. I love how it is about process, about deeply listening, about client and practitioner walking side by side.

I work from the premise that we all are a living, integral part of the beauty, wonder and magic all around us and that in every being lives a seed of wildness, a spark of the Divine, which wishes to be acknowledged, nurtured and embodied, so we can step into our true place in the world.

The aim in my work is to support you in your process, one step at a time. In my practice I hold a safe space, where you are supported to make the changes you wish and need to make, without judgement or pressure.  It is my vision that in this way the potential, the dreams held within you, can be nurtured and allowed to blossom and that from here, true healing can take place, for yourself and for all that is around you.

I have clinics in Aberystwyth and Llanarth,  West Wales.

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Tel: 01545 581148 / 07812 442250

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