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Jacquie Shankster CKAP - Machynlleth, Mid Wales

Jacquie Shankster CKAP

Jacquie was first introduced to Creative Kinesiology in 2015 after practising for many years as a Teacher/Practitioner in the traditional Japanese system of Reiki for both humans and animals.

“Creative Kinesiology was a natural fit for me, it enabled my body to communicate on many levels - the energetic, spiritual, nutritional and emotional”

Coming from a family of Zoologists, Jacquie spent her formative years in zoos and wildlife parks, where she learnt at a very young age how to connect with animals, intuitively understanding their needs by simply watching and listening to their subtle signs and messages.

“At the time I didn't understand energy healing, I just called it ‘giving love’. “

As her empathy for helping those (all living beings) in need increased, Jacquie’s path led her into Animal Rescue Centres assisting sick animals back to full health. In 2013 her path extended further when she joined a Cancer Rehabilitation Unit in the USA, to help people confront and deal with their illness.

“I am passionate that all living beings, human and animal are treated with empathy, deep respect and love, and I am also conscious that this beautiful planet is shared by us all and that our ultimate happiness can only come from living harmoniously together.

Jacquie is based in the small market town of Machynlleth in the Snowdonia National Park, Mid-Wales; she offers a ‘personally held space’ for all clients interested in receiving Creative Kinesiology. Jacquie is an amazing listener, attentive and is nurturing by nature.

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Phone: 07742 865011

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