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Linda Winn CKAP - Bristol, Forest of Dean

I have been exploring alternative and complementary health practices and disciplines as a client and student for more than 30 years and I am both delighted and excited to now find myself a practitioner!

My educational background is in biological sciences; my working life has included teaching, lecturing, marketing and business; but it is my passions (movement, food, the environment, being immersed in wildlife, wind and water), together with on-going health issues (arthritis and other inflammatory degenerative problems), that brought me to Creative Kinesiology.  The healing modalities I was familiar with were supporting me, but they were not getting to the heart of the issues - and I was nowhere near ready to stop dancing, walking through forests and along the beach!  It was suggested I try Creative Kinesiology and my way ahead became clear.

One of the things I love about Creative Kinesiology is how it uses words and our everyday language to provide glimpses of our mind, body and emotions working together and reflecting each other.  From this simple starting point the Creative Kinesiology framework opens up opportunities to follow words - the thoughts and beliefs behind them, the feelings that prompt them - into a deep exploration of ‘How are you?  How are you feeling?’, making it possible to  uncover what’s hidden underneath our often habitual patterns and reactions.  We can begin to loosen the knots and untangle the ‘Catch 22s’ that we have embodied over time and that are getting in the way of our health and well-being.  This helps us move towards a wider range of responses – responses that offer more choice, more connection and more communication between more aspects and layers of our selves.

I offer sessions in Bristol and the Forest of Dean area and look forward to holding space for your body to tell its story and find a gentle path towards its own unique balance and well-being.

For more information or to arrange a convenient time to talk, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or phone: 07748 479245

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