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Hilary Anderson CKAP - Trinity, Edinburgh

Hilary Anderson CKAP

Hello. I’m Hilary.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me by reading this information.

I perceive kinesiology as a process of being guided by the body on a journey back to the self. Who amongst us would not benefit from enhanced well-being by being more attuned to our bodies, developing greater self-awareness on a deep, authentic level and by doing the best we can to honour and fulfil our deepest longings and gifts?

As a practitioner of both Holistic Kinesiology and Creative Kinesiology, I work in a truly body-led way, using gentle muscle-response testing to identify both what your unique body wants and needs and to balance your body’s energy using gentle balancing techniques. It is a treasured privilege for me to walk with you for part of your journey in life.

As a kinesiologist, I do not diagnose conditions or treat specific symptoms or conditions. However, balancing your body’s energy can support numerous positive developments and changes – led entirely by your own body.

Please contact me if you would like to explore having one or more sessions. I am happy to have a conversation with you in advance to discuss your aim for your initial session.

With all my very best hopes for your greatest possible health and well-being,

Hilary Anderson.

© Hilary Anderson 2018

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