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Julie Price, ACKRP - Stratford upon Avon

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We all have the potential to live more happy, healthy, positive and vital lives, to be the best version of ourselves. It is the amazing capacity for bringing about this positive change by releasing and transforming negative patterns, symptoms and emotions, that lies at the heart of Kinesiology and the Shamanic healing therapies I practice.

I first came across Kinesiology about 18 years ago and I am still inspired and excited by the life changing journey that it took me on. Along the way I qualified in Touch for Health Kinesiology, The Way of the Tracker and Perceptual Bodywork with Carrie Jost and the School of Creative Kinesiology and OHB (Optimum Health Balance) Kinesiology with Gill Tarlington.

I have journeyed around the Medicine Wheel several times with Chris Waters and Spirit of the Inca, most recently with Nicky Motte of the Everyday Shaman and travelled with the shaman of Peru deepening my knowledge of the healing practices and ancient traditions of the Andean Medicine men and women.

My life has been blessed and enriched by wonderful teachers and these amazing teachings and it is my pleasure to bring this work to you to empower and help you create positive change in your life via one to one sessions and a variety of workshops based on these teachings.

Contact: 07787 658997 / 01789 290326

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