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Sally Munday CKAP - Newport, Isle of Wight

Sally Munday CKAP, AFHP

I studied as a Creative Kinesiology practitioner with the School of Creative Kinesiology and I am also qualified in Transvibrational Tracking (Sound Therapy).

I've lived on the Isle of Wight since 2000 and my therapy studio is located in the heart of the Island on the outskirts of Carisbrooke, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

​My interest in Kinesiology began on the other side of the therapy couch when I discovered, as a client, the amazing results that could be achieved with Creative Kinesiology (CK). CK helped me to identify, heal and release energy blockages held within my energy systems from physical, emotional and spiritual traumas. It has enabled me to find my purpose in life and has also given me many fascinating insights to life and the Universe. It’s been an incredible journey and continues to significantly change my life in a positive and illuminating way. I have been privileged to witness my own clients' transformational journeys through the medium of Creative Kinesiology, combined with Sound Therapy. I also offer Sound Therapy as a stand-alone treatment.

Further details on the therapies I offer can be found on my website

or please contact me on: 01983 537276 or 079 765 20708

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