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Sarah Jennings CKAP - Exeter, Devon

Creative Kinesiology blends science, intuition and deep spirit work to get to the core of the answers to healing held within the body itself.  As the mind-body connection is increasingly acknowledged in both conventional and alternative medicine, it is now far more widely understood that many illnesses, blockages and weaknesses in the body have their origins in cellular and emotional memory, deeply embedded trauma, or harmful thought patterns that can create unrest and dis-ease within our finely tuned energy system.

One of the greatest strengths of CK is the ability to reach into deep, hidden or repressed emotional blocks. Since the body, not the mind, is asked, answers are more direct and lead to the site of the problem in need of help.

CK can help you pinpoint exactly what your body is holding on to, in order to release it, as well as helping you make the necessary adjustments to continue your healing journey. CK is carried out in a safe, respectful and non-retraumatising way, using your body as your guide to the shifts that will restore your inner and outer balance.

I would love to work with you if you feel:
  • There is ‘something missing’ in your life that you can’t fully identify.
  • You have internal blocks that your rational mind cannot pinpoint to a clear event or experience.
  • You are trapped in outmoded or unhealthy energetic patterns, whether in relationships, your professional life or your personal habits.
  • You prefer to understand emotional problems by tapping into the innate wisdom of your body.
  • You find yourself ‘over-thinking’ or spending too much time in your head.
  • You struggle to connect with your body, or being in your body.
  • Talking therapies don’t make progress, or fail to connect you to your authentic feelings.
Sarah is based in Exeter, and has a practice for in-person sessions and also works internationally in the UK, South Africa, Australia, China and Switzerland as a public speaker and intuitive practitioner. A highly experienced transformational energy worker with AuraTransformation and has also developed her own Creative Kinesiology based sessions called Heart Retrieval and Goal Activator.  Sarah uses her vast experience, in business development, charity work and personal history to help people embrace their true essence and tap into their own energy reserves by teaching powerful self-healing tools. Sarah also offers different sessions and programs online.
Contact Sarah on: 06781 2571141
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