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Stefanie Kay CKAP - Topsham, Exeter, Devon

My name is Tini (Stefanie) Kay. I am 47 years old and I life in Topsham, Exeter, Devon.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to work with people. More so I have always been driven by the urge to help them. This urge led me to develop a keen interest and passion for healing in its widest possible sense and application.

I have also always been fascinated by peoples' life stories - by the uniqueness of every body's life path and how people make sense of their experiences and what made them the person they have become today.

For me it is a key goal to work with trauma in people of all ages and to support them in acknowledging their varying experiences as part of their story while working towards integrating them in such a way that they can move forward in an empowered and balanced way - with an expanded and grounded sense of self.

My own personal experiences brought me to Creative Kinesiology as a client and I learned very quickly in my own sessions how precious it is to be witnessed and truly listened to. This enables us to look deeper into how certain experiences and also family histories have helped create behavioural/thought patterns as well as physical symptoms and the impact these might still be having on us.

CK is a wonderful tool to identify these stuck patterns, suppressed emotions and energies and to help our bodies to uncover the knowledge/wisdom from within, so that we are able to take control of our lives ourselves and live them to their full potential.

The key to me in all of this is to truly listen to the client. Muscle testing then enables me to help and support my clients on their journey at their own pace, and for them to find peace with their life story even with its 'twists and turns' and gain clarity, insight and freedom for themselves.

I work from home and offer sessions that last between 60 – 75 minutes at the price of £35.

Mobile:  07792 219622

Email:     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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