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Lizzie Hubbard ACKRP - Diptford, Devon

My background is in Speech Therapy and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, which I  learned  in the early 1980s under Jack Worsley founder of the Leamington  College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. . After practising acupuncture for several years I attended White Lodge College of Spiritual Psychotherapy in Kent, and also trained with the NFSH (National Federation of spiritual healers)

As is true for so many therapists my personal journey led me to explore many healing modalities....I spent 15 years buried in anorexia with all its many aspects and subsequently bulimia, until I experienced a miraculous healing in 1987.

In that same year I became a mother and loved it! Family life then prevailed until pursuing a long term attraction to 'holding heads' I was led to study Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills at the Karuna institute in Devon.

Here I learned to listen through my hands to the innate wisdom of the body and to work supporting the 'health' within the client.

The opportunity to further develop a 'conversation' with the body came when I met Carrie Jost and studied Creative Kinesiology. This training brought together all the strands of my previous experience and now forms the basis from which I work.

With my dear friend and colleague Judith Vincent we contributed to the creation and subsequent teaching of some of the first kinesiology LifeTracking courses.

‘My work is about helping people realize who they are beyond the obstacles,  limitations, pains and unhappiness they are experiencing in their lives

When we are troubled we can lose connection to our true selves and living from that place can be fraught with discomfort

The work, underpinned by kinesiology, is often intuitive and arises from a knowing that we are all One, and as  William Shakespeare said

‘All the world’s a stage......’

and  when we  remember and really  ‘understand ’  this, as a knowing and felt sense in our bodies,  then life assumes a buoyancy and a lightness – Joy and Peace emerge again along with a renewed sense of safety, purpose, confidence and belief in ourselves.

I choose to work with expanding into our true selves and whatever lies in the way of that, rather than focusing on issues and obstacles which can attract more of the same.

I work within the present moment into which we can unwittingly bring all sorts of past experiences.  Learning to be present in our bodies now, and building self awareness in a held, safe non -judgmental space is a large part of my work.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and with the help of kinesiology I work to enhance and support that process.

I enjoy my work immensely – being alongside someone in their process is a privilege and I find it hugely creative and often profound, whilst also  being fun, surprising, mysterious and awe inspiring .’ (Lizzie Hubbard)


Before I went to see Lizzie I was struggling with school teachers pulling power trips and making up pointless rules, I was struggling being with my family mostly because I was grumpy  and ill tempered and I snapped at the smallest things.  After I went to see Lizzie my mood improved and everything seemed brighter. Those things stopped bothering me so much. I feel that Lizzie moved a cloud and allowed me to see the sun.(boy aged 13) words don't always come easily to me , to have someone I can talk to about anything without any sense of judgment is precious, and to always leave feeling lighter is wonderful. ( mother of 3)

"...alongside her lightness of touch which is gentle and healing, and her humour, there is a joy and delight and humility that I witness in Lizzie in every session I have ever had with her that is very infectious. There is a magical perfection and 'efficiency' to the way that she works. And I have found that her work has reached parts of myself that it was not possible to access in 'talking' therapies. I love her ability to sit with another's pain and to be a channel for transformation, to enable genuine healing and health. I love the paradox that shines through the work that she embodies, that of the ordinariness of what it is to be human, alongside the respect for the profound and Divine mystery of life. And I love the sense of adventure and enquiry into the unknown that I experience in every session - her genuine curiosity, and her willingness and trust. My work with her has been deeply transformative and healing." HW (clinical psychologist.)

"Lizzie has helped me with lots of thing ; things from the past, things that I worry about, Lizzie has moved hurdles from me I didn’t even know I had, the results of only a few sessions have left me feeling mentally and physically much stronger, rewired and happier.’"  (boy 15)

“It is with great pleasure that I write a few words about my interactions with Lizzie.

I have visited Lizzie around half a dozen times now and can honestly say that those visits have had a very positive impact on me, my thought processes and how I view life going forward. When I was introduced to Lizzie I was at a particularly low point and was truly struggling to see any light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Since seeing Lizzie, my whole attitude has changed. Of course I still have problems and many of the same issues still exist, but now I seem to worry less about them and have a generally more positive outlook on the future. A truly massive weight has been lifted from me. Visiting Lizzie is without doubt, one of the best things I can recommend for anyone that is looking to change their outlook and to move through life in a more positive way.

Visiting Lizzie is like a tonic for the soul. I arrive in one frame of mind and leave in a completely different, more positive one. I cannot recommend Lizzie, her services and the environment that she works in, highly enough."  (Husband and Father,  50+ years old)

“Lizzie Hubbard has been treating our family (myself, my husband and four kids) for the last four years since we moved to Devon.    Lizzie has helped us all with all sorts of ailments and issues during this time, and we can honestly say we don’t know how we could survive without her.   Walking into her therapy room is a delight in itself - a welcoming womb filled with light, warmth and positive, healing energy.

Lizzie has a very motherly, and loving quality and I feel as though I can tell her anything.   I feel better even before the treatment starts!   Her open personality lacks judgement and together with a box of tissues at arm’s length, the journey of self-discovery and healing begins with telling her why I think I have come.  Sometimes a reason may not be obvious to begin with, but as I talk and start to delve into how I am feeling, suddenly all sorts of things come tumbling out of my mouth. Or I have a specific issue that needs addressing - be it physical or emotional.   Lizzie metaphorically scoops up my words and then the magic starts.

Muscle testing and naval rubbing kickstart the treatment and what happens after that is different each time, depending on the conversation Lizzie has with my body and higher self - at least that’s what I understand of the process in its simplest form.

Whatever happens, there is always a positive outcome, and I skip out of the room feeling lighter, brighter and stronger.   Lizzie will remain in our survival kit for many, many years to come!”  (wife and mother of 4 children)


I teach ‘Help Yourself’ workshops with my dear friend and colleague Judith Vincent.

‘Our focus in these workshops is on introducing to others a grounded way of working to help themselves.

We want to demystify ‘therapy’ and help people realize the wisdom they already have within them, and with an enhanced self awareness learn to access  and trust this inner knowing and use it to restore balance to themselves in their everyday life.

We create workshops in response to demand so if you are interested please approach us with your request.’

The next series of 5 Saturday morning workshops is starting on April 9 in Kingsbridge Devon.

‘This beautiful series of workshops will help you awaken to who you are and you will learn to communicate with yourself and others ....  Invaluable tools to take away to use to connect better with yourself and the environment you live in and to resource yourself. These workshops are educational not therapy but may have therapeutic effects’  (woman attending the workshops)

I work from my home in Devon near Totnes, overlooking the River Avon
Sessions last between 1 and 1½ hours, and cost £40-50.
Concessions are available.

Telephone: 01548 821397 / 07825 953466

Email address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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