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I would recommend Creative Kinesiology to anybody suffering from any longstanding or stubborn health condition. It has been among the gentlest and most effective of therapies I have ever experienced. There is no judgement involved and it’s clear that it is the body's own healing intelligence which is being skillfully engaged.

Thank you for the Creative Kinesiology process! I literally have a new lease of life and have regained the energy and enthusiasm, fun and laughter, that can be slowly eroded away when dealing with on-going aches, pains and restless nights.

My sessions are always so rich and I leave feeling lighter, more centered and with more sparkle than when I first arrived.

I have worked with Creative Kinesiology for a couple of years now and am always astounded by how each session brings apparently unrelated threads together to give resolution to whatever has presented itself. So much has shifted for me over this time in how I perceive both myself and my engagement with life.

I have come to trust Creative Kinesiology deeply and it continues to be and always will be my first port of call in the face of physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual challenges. I would recommend it most highly to anyone finding themselves in need of similar support.

Creative Kinesiology’s gentle and supportive approach to balancing my nervous system and the chi energies has been much appreciated. I would recommend it to anyone who was feeling out of balance internally and with life.

I have received Creative Kinesiology sessions for various issues, some physical (after a serious car accident) and some emotional (during my divorce and during other stressful times). My physical issues, including memory loss and recurring shoulder pain, have eased greatly as a result of the sessions and my anxiety has reduced significantly.

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