The Creative Kinesisology Association

We are a professional organisation which supports and manages a directory of highly-qualified Creative Kinesiology practitioners.

Our training school, the School of Creative Kinesiology, runs short courses for the general public and professional training for the Creative Kinesiology practitioners of the future.

The Creative Kinesiology Association was formed in 2016, but the School and Creative Kinesiology's roots go back far further.

Our growing register of professional practitioners offering Creative Kinesiology, both in the UK and internationally, have joined the Association for the support it offers, the increased visibility it brings to their practice, and the opportunities it gives them to connect with and learn from like-minded colleagues. Find out more about:

The Creative Kinesiology Association oversees consistently high levels of professional standards for the practitioners and teachers who are our members and are listed on our website.

The Association is managed by a team of teachers and practitioners who, between them, oversee every aspect of running a growing organisation - from marketing to finance, and from course development to website maintainance.

The CK Association is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). The BCMA is an international umbrella organisation set up to support therapists and their clients. It validates therapies and standards of training in accordance with its codes of ethics and discipline, and endorses the practices of Training Schools and Associations.

This membership of the BCMA gives additional protection and peace of mind to clients and students, as practitioners and teachers are monitored and regulated by both the CK Association and the BCMA. Practitioners may receive additional backing and support from the BCMA and advertise themselves to a wider, international network on the BCMA website.

The CK Association itself is happy to receive the validation of a reputable long-established complementary medicine association and is able to turn to the BCMA for extra support and guidance on policy decisions, membership issues or codes of conduct matters.

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The CK Association is a member of the
British Complementary Medicine Association

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