Gatherings and AGMs

Each year, our Creative Kinesiology Association AGM is combined with either a Gathering weekend or a Study Day, giving our members the opportunity to meet together as a community of practitioners, learn from each other, and get up-to-date with what's going on at the CKA.

These fun and informal events are open to all practitioners of Creative Kinesiology, with special earlybird deals available for Association members.

CK Gathering for 2021

The Gathering at Ammerdown, Somerset in October has been cancelled. We hope to be able to organise an on-line Gathering in October 2021. Please watch this space or the Newsletter for more details.

CK Association On-Line AGM 2020
October 10 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

This year on Zoom! This year’s CK Gathering has had to be postponed, however, as the CK Association is still required to hold an AGM, that will now be hosted on Zoom in October. All members are cordially invited and the meeting is free of charge.

In the absence of any face to face contact we are looking forward to this opportunity to touch base and enjoy each other’s company.  Carrie Jost and Sally Alexander will be your hosts.

In order to join the session all participants are required to register, details below.  We very much look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

CK AGM and Gathering 2019

The Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, Somerset
8 to 10 November 2019

Following our recent very successful and enjoyable Gathering 2018, we returned to Ammerdown in 2019.

Jo Stewart and Sally Alexander organised the event, around the theme of exploring the Magical Child.



CK AGM and Gathering 2018

The Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, Somerset
19th to 21st October 2018

This year’s Gathering focused on the topic of trauma.

A lot of the work we do in Creative Kinesiology is to release the after-effects of trauma in the body, mind and soul. To add to what we already do we looked at:

  • Trauma in the light of recent research and approaches
  • Inherited trauma
  • Ways of releasing trauma - including some of our well-known techniques: the tempero-mandibular joint, adrenals and nervous system, specific sets of muscles and joints that can be affected


Report from the Creative Kinesiology AGM 2017

Our AGM was held on November 4th in Birmingham, at the very friendly Woodbroke College. We were well fed and watered in a beautiful setting and had a lively time.

Eighteen of us gathered for the formal business of receiving the year’s accounts and hearing how the year had progressed. Sally Alexander chaired the proceedings. Business successfully completed, we moved on to our presentations.

First up was Karen Way, talking about the vagus nerve – it is the longest nerve in the body. It connects brain to heart and gut and all the other organs along the way. Its significance lies in the huge amount of information that it carries between the organs. It is also a part of the parasympathetic nervous system and its healthy functioning means that we can relax faster after stress. We then put our vagus nerves to the test and worked with each other so we could achieve a balanced vagus nerve.

This was only the beginning of a thorough overhaul of our digestive systems. Next we heard about working with the ileocecal valve and the Houston rings from Judith Hart and ChaNan Bonser. And we had good practice time to check that our digestive valves and rings were in good shape.

After lunch Carrie Jost presented information on the gut and its flora and fauna, called the gut microbiota. We learned that keeping the gut happy is the best way to find health and wellbeing. The gut is a brain – the second brain – and has millions of neurons embedded in its wall. It is the major organ of immunity and each little bacteria in the gut – there are trillions – has DNA. Then we worked with balancing the gut and its microbiota.

We finished with looking at our balanced state in relation to a set of business terms – including money, profit, sales and marketing. Jo Stewart presented this and helped us through the difficult process of recognising that as self employed practitioners and teachers we are actually business people. Something a lot of us find hard to take on board! The priority word for the group was 'sales' – a key area for development.

Everyone agreed that it had been a very good day - and we have had great feedback about the benefits received from the balancing we did. After all we are practitioners first and foremost and having time to learn and practice is what we all love.

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