History of the CK Association

The Creative Kinesiology Association was newly formed in 2016 and the School of Creative Kinesiology itself was founded in 1989. The Association brings together practitioners, teachers and the existing School into a formalised structure which will better enable the aims and principles of Creative Kinesiology to expand into the world.

In 2016, the Association aligned itself with the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), giving greater benefits to its members and increasing the voice of Creative Kinesiology in the world of alternative therapies.

The origins of Creative Kinesiology

Creative Kinesiology was established by Carrie Jost in 1989 as a not-for-profit organisation (incorporating the School of Creative Kinesiology) in order to train the practitioners of the future.

Carrie founded Creative Kinesiology having trained in many forms of kinesiology, bodywork, spiritual and shamanic healing, as well as psychotherapy and counselling. Her understanding that all of our experiences - physical, emotional or spiritual - can be held in our physical self formed the basis of her work. This led to Creative Kinesiology's key approach of helping to witness and release stress, anxiety and trauma that may be held at a body level.

I love the gentle non-invasive work of acupressure and healing that can really shift the problem through the body, relieving symptoms and encouraging a new view on life.

Carrie Jost, Head of the School of Creative Kinesiology

In the late 1980s, Carrie met acupuncturist Haakon Lovell who had put together a way of working with kinesiology based on energy awareness. This included exciting new ideas about the ways that our ancestry, both blood and spiritual, can affect our current lives and an altogether refreshing approach to how our environment can affect us.

From this creative melting pot, Carrie developed Creative Kinesiology’s professional kinesiology course: Way of the Tracker.  Later, a welcome addition to the portfolio of professional training courses was Natalie Davenport’s approach to kinesiology she called Perceptual Bodywork.  Creative Kinesiology’s other professional course - Perceptual BodyTracking - was born from this course. The School also developed its own Foundation course - LifeTracking - which was tailored to the Creative Kinesiology way of working.

Creative Kinesiology links with the BCMA

In 2016, the Creative Kinesiology Association joined the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), both as an Associate Member and as an Independent School.

  • The members listed on our website have agreed to adhere to high standards of ongoing training, personal development and mentoring, together with a rigorous code of conduct and disciplinary procedure. This offers peace of mind for members of the public as well as to all students, practitioners and teachers within the Creative Kinesiology Association.
  • The Creative Kinesiology Association has Professional Body support through the BCMA, and a role in pioneering developments in the field of complementary health.

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