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Joining the Creative Kinesiology Association as a professional kinesiology practitioner will give you a range of benefits and access to a vibrant community of practitioners and like-minded friends.

As a member, you will be expected to follow the CK Association Code of Conduct, be appropriately insured to practice, and keep evidence of the CPD learning you are required to complete each year.

How to Join

Becoming a member of the Creative Kinesiology Association is easy - just complete an application form, submit your relevant documents (certificates, cpd and insurance, as required) and pay the appropriate fee. Once you've joined the Association, you will be given access to our CPD Guidelines and CPD Log Book in our members area of this website.

Download the Creative Kinesiology Association application form [Word, 129KB]

If you have any queries, please contact Jo Stewart who oversees Membership Governance in the Creative Kinesiology Team:


The Creative Kinesiology Association fee structure

Please note that fees may be paid in instalments and there will be a small additional admin charge if you choose to do this. Our membership runs from September to August - if you join the CK Association part-way through the year you will only be asked to pay for the remaining months.

CK Friend
You are welcome to join the CK Asscociation if you are a ‘retired’ practitioner or taking a sabbatical and still wish to support the aims of Creative Kinesiology. In return you will receive support from the CK Association and be invited to attend our gatherings and events.

Annual fee = £10

CK Student
If you are currently undergoing a professional Creative Kinesiology training course – Way of the Tracker or Perceptual BodyTracking/Bodywork – you can join the CK Association and be listed on the student page of our website.

Annual fee = free

Creative Kinesiology Assessed Practitioner (CKAP)
This membership type is for new practitioners who have completed either Way of the Tracker or Perceptual BodyTracking/Bodywork. You will be working with the general public under the guidance of a Mentor whilst you complete the rest of the requirements for fully professional Registered Practitioner status. Joining will give you all the benefits of membership of the CK Association, including a listing in our practitioner directory.

Annual fee = £70

Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner (CKRP)
This membership category will be available to you if you have completed all the professional training requirements to achieve your status of fully professional Registered Practitioner in either Way of the Tracker or Perceputal BodyTracking/Bodywork, plus have been working in private practice for a minimum of three years. As a CKRP member, you will have all the benefits of membership, including a listing in our practitioner directory, plus membership of the BCMA.

Annual fee = £120 (includes BCMA membership)

Advanced Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner (ACKRP)
Members who are Advanced Registered Practitioners will have completed an advanced amount of training and achieved a high level of experience. You will have worked in professional private practice for a minimum of six years and completed both Creative Kinesiology professional courses – Way of the Tracker and Perceptual BodyTracking/Bodywork. As an ACKRP member, you will have your own listing in our practitioner directory, all our other CK Association member benefits, plus membership of the BCMA.

Annual fee = £120 (includes BCMA membership)

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