Meet the CKA Team

The Creative Kinesiology Team takes on various roles in the efficient running of the Association and the School of Creative Kinesiology. They deal with finance, general administration, marketing, business planning, policy making, complaints, and codes of conduct matters.

The Team holds regular meetings to ensure that the School and Association are continuing to evolve along the right track, and to discuss business and policy changes that arise in the course of running a busy membership base.

The School of Creative Kinesiology’s Team

Carrie Jost
Founder & Elder of Creative Kinesiology

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Sally Alexander
Elder of Creative Kinesiology
+ Business & Finance

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Jo Stewart
Business, Membership Governance, Gathering

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Judith Hart Director
Website, Admin, Course Development

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ChaNan Bonser Director

Finance & Accounts, Admin, Course Development

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Karen Way Director
Visual Course Development

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Sarah-Jayne Hayden Binder Director
Social Media, Newsletter, Marketing

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