Our Aims and Ethos

Our aims

The Creative Kinesiology Association aims to:

  • walk with compassion alongside you, whoever you are, and whatever issues you present
  • provide an environment where you may undertake a powerful healing journey of self-discovery
  • commit ourselves to being informed and transformed through personal growth and development
  • build and maintain a wide network of authentic, thriving Creative Kinesiology practitioners
  • train exceptional practitioners and teachers who can share this wonderful, ground-breaking work, whilst earning a living full of joy, abundance and prosperity

Our ethos

  • Love underpins the work of the Creative Kinesiology Association and the work of all members
  • We train all practitioners and teachers to work from highest intent within sessions and courses
  • We honour the equal rights of all humankind
  • We align ourselves and the work we do with the highest interests of Grandmother Earth and all her sacred worlds - minerals, plants, animals, humans.

Inclusivity & Diversity

  • We welcome people from all types of backgrounds and walks of life
  • We encourage each person's unique nature and individuality
  • We recognise the value of differences in opinion, points of view and outlook on life
  • We invite you to receive sessions or study with us, irrespective of gender, race, orientation, age

What we offer our clients and students

This is expressed beautifully in the words of one of our practitioners:

Creative Kinesiology enables my potential. It helps me feel whole and empowered, by finding the little bits of me that have hidden away and been forgotten. By offering just the right kind of hand for me, Creative Kinesiology encourages these vital pieces to reconnect.

It nurtures with patience and compassion, witnessing what needs to be seen, giving voice to the wordless fears and ambitions and, above all, listening… so that, while a tempest can be safely held, in the stillness of a moment even the smallest sound can be heard and its truth witnessed.

Creative Kinesiology has cherished my self-esteem, and has taught me that everyone is unique and at the same time equal. It shows me how to let go of the things that have stopped me flourishing in the past, and in their place teaches me about respect, compassion, choice, hope and enjoyment.

We aim for excellence

The Creative Kinesiology Association offers you safety and peace of mind in choosing any of our practitioners for a personal session, or in participating in any of the courses run by our teachers.

  • All our practitioners and teachers participate in ongoing mentoring and personal development
  • Practitioners follow a recognised Code of Conduct to ensure professionalism and efficiency
  • We have a rigorous complaints procedure in case of problems or concerns

The Creative Kinesiology Association is a member of a larger professional body - the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) - through which it receives support and has a role in pioneering developments in the field of complementary health.

We have links with the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain (KF) who recognise all our training courses. Some of our practitioners choose to register with the KF alongside their membership of the Creative Kinesiology Association.


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