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I have been offering Creative Kinesiology/Therapeutic Counselling sessions for 17 years. I live & work in Exeter and am also a teacher & mentor with the CK School.
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I discovered Creative Kinesiology in 2001 and was amazed by being able to converse with the whole person through using kinesiology muscle testing to gain feedback directly from the person’s body. This, combined with the Creative Kinesiology maps and balancing techniques, offers a truly holistic approach to natural health care. I completed my training in ‘Way Of The Tracker’ (2003) and ‘Perceptual Bodywork’ (2004), and bring my background in Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counselling, together with the spiritual practice of working with the Native American Medicine Wheel to my love of kinesiology.

Over the years I’ve developed a thriving practice combining these three approaches. I work with whatever my clients bring – helping them to uncover the ‘story’ of the ‘dis-ease’ they wish to explore. I am especially passionate about working over time with clients, as they enter the process of integrating and healing past shocks, stresses, traumas and other experiences that might hamper living with freedom and vitality in the now. These can manifest as physical ‘symptoms’ and the journey often involves witnessing the emotional and spiritual aspects of the story that the client is experiencing on a physical level.

So, I aim to offer a safe and supportive space, within which a journey of trust can develop – both in individual work and with groups. Alongside my one-to-one practice, I have trained as a teacher with the CK School and offer mentoring to practitioners. In addition to meeting in person, I offer sessions via Skype or WhatsApp and on the phone. If you'd like to find out more about the options, please email me and we can arrange a time to have a chat on the phone.

Qualifications and practitioner status

I am qualified to offer Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counselling in addition to my Creative Kinesiology work. I weave this approach into the holding and therapeutic space with all of my work - with clients, students and practitioners.

I am a CK Association approved mentor - please take a look at my mentoring profile further down the page.
I am qualified to teach Creative Kinesiology - please take a look at my teaching profile further down the page.
Client testimonials

Having worked with Ali over the past few months I have nothing but praise for her wonderful, calm presence and her amazing ability to get to the heart of whatever your issue may be by using the wisdom of your own body. I originally went to see Ali about food intolerances but ended up exploring something completely different which has been hugely to my benefit. If feels like Ali offers something much more than just kinesiology. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I have been working with Ali for the past five years for personal sessions, mentoring and the group journeying workshop. I enjoy working with Ali because she allows me the time and space to find my own way. Through this work I have discovered the ‘me’ I had been searching for. She is kind and compassionate and supports me without judgement while I explore the more challenging aspects of my emotions. I have felt emotionally held, nurtured and supported when i haven’t been able to do that for myself and Ali has gently guided me as I’ve learned to love and nurture myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Ali. (CK Practitioner, 2018)

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Mentoring profile

Working with my mentor helps me to feel empowered as a therapist and also supported in the in-depth journeying work I undertake with clients. This is what I hope to offer practitioners - a confidential space where they have the opportunity to grow, develop and consolidate their learning.

I offer mentoring to practitioners both on a one-to-one and group basis. Working in groups can be a fantastic way of sharing experience with peers and delving deeper into the challenges of being a therapist - with participants offering each other support and insights in a safe and held way. I specialise in running small on-going groups, where practitioners deepen their trust in each other and, at the same time, develop the skills to deepen their work with their clients.

Creative Kinesiology students, Creative Kinesiology practitioners, Practitioners of other forms of kinesiology
Mentoring testimonials

Never before have I worked with a therapist that made me feel so safe and so welcome to bring the parts of me I didn't like. Ali has helped me to discover and heal my childhood trauma, which was buried deep inside me. Holding space with extraordinary compassion, she has taken me to my edge and enabled me to grow beyond my story. I've wanted to work with Ali, because she has a deep knowing of her psychotherapeutic and Kinesiology tools. By witnessing her in group work, I have learned therapeutic tools that would normally take many years of psychotherapy training. I highly recommend her personal and group work. (CK Practitioner, 2018)

I thoroughly recommend Ali's mentoring workshops... I've loved the depth of work we’ve managed to achieve in them. That we’ve managed to find this depth is testament to her ability to hold an incredibly safe space for self-enquiry, and to gently and perceptively question and challenge. My practice and my personal client work have come on leaps and bounds since working with Ali in this way. I’ve improved my understanding of self and process, helping me understand my clients and support them far better. I certainly wouldn't be half the practitioner I am without Ali’s mentoring and ‘Journeying with clients’ workshops. (CK Practitioner, 2018)

Teaching profile

Having been teaching CK for 10 years, it is a privilege to share this wonderful way of working. I never saw myself as a teacher but having 'caught the CK bug' in 2003, it transpired to be a natural progression to want to share this work with others.

And now, some 10 years after teaching my first LifeTracking course, I'm part of the team that's helping to 'teach the teachers' of the future. One of the things that I love about CK is how accessible it is. It is a joy to share our approach to working with clients and the range of tools open to us with new students and practitioners alike and I look forward to continuing to play my part in helping this work to reach more and more people.

LifeTracking (foundation course), Perceptual BodyTracking (professional training), Perceptual Bodywork (professional training), Way of the Tracker (professional training), Body-orientated Interpersonal Skills (core skills)
Teaching testimonials

Ali is an amazing teacher, her peaceful, intuitive, nurturing way of teaching brought out the best in me. She was completely present, yet an ‘empty space’ for us each to explore what we needed to. I’ll be coming back to learn more from her.
Thank you x (Way of the Tracker Student/ Practitioner 2018)

The LifeTracking course was truly inspirational. The teaching I received was excellent and professionally led. Ali was very skilled and knowledgeable, building up the course progressively - I have loved every minute. I can't recommend LifeTracking enough and am so looking forward to the professional training. Thank you Ali for everything! (LifeTracking student, 2017)

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