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I am a teacher of Creative Kinesiology, and love teaching the wide variety of foundation and professional courses we offer, as well as innovative CPD.
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In 1995, I had a series of life changing Creative Kinesiology sessions with Carrie Jost, I started practising CK in 2011 and am continually in awe of what an amazing modality it is. For me it is a privilege to be able to safely hold clients and students, to track their bodies and to witness them reveal the deep held stories and wisdom we carry.

I have been on the path of healing for over 23 years, and I initially focused my learning on the esoteric energy systems of the body from the Far East. My journey with CK has bought a clear awareness that we have to be embodied within our physical human body. This, together with my dedicated yoga practise, has come together to help open space, quietness and freedom within our bodies. Bringing balance to whatever aspect of life we are exploring. I love that working on our microcosm, we balance the macrocosm - As Within, So Without.

I teach at Foundation and Professional levels and hold workshops and CPD on Empathic Response, Working with the 5 Elements, Ancestral Meridians, Medicine Wheel, Connecting with Plant Spirits and Womb Yoga - with specific reference to Women's Cycles and Menopause

Qualifications and practitioner status
July 2013

Plant Spirit Medicine
Womb Yoga
Yoga Nidra

I am CK approved mentor - please take a look at my mentoring profile further down this page
I am qualified to teach Creative Kinesiology - please take a look at my teacher profile further down this page
Client testimonials

ChaNan creates a magical, loving and totally safe space from which you travel towards healing. Whether that journey is taken by the spirit, physical body, emotions or mind, she is there to guide you using her unique and amazing range of kinesiology techniques . Each session is a step towards balance and often a genuine revelation. ChaNan is a powerful healer, an experienced soul and a loving being with strong and pure intention.

Thank you ChaNan and the Creative Kinesiology process! I literally have a new lease of life and have regained the energy and enthusiasm, fun and laughter, that can be slowly eroded away when dealing with on-going aches, pains and restless nights. I am now sleeping well, no longer suffer with painful, swollen joints and have a growing sense of well-being and balance.

Mentoring profile

I offer Mentoring to Creative Kinesiology students and practitioners as well as therapists in other modalities

Mentoring has been an important part of my journey, I have found it invaluable in assisting when I have had issues arise within my clinic, whether this is attracting new clients, knowing how to hold specific clients to my best, or if I have been triggered and am having difficulty separating out my 'stuff' from the clients. I love that within CK there is a way to explore this from within a balance, and I feel privileged to help empower and assist other CK practitioners on their journey of holding a safe space to their clients.

Creative Kinesiology students, Creative Kinesiology practitioners, Practitioners of other forms of kinesiology, Practitioners of other types of therapy, People working in the caring professions
Teaching profile

I am passionate about Creative Kinesiology and this comes across with my teaching and how I hold the space in a grounded way - all the way through from Foundation to Professional level. I feel blessed to pass on this unique way of working.

LifeTracking (foundation course), Perceptual BodyTracking (professional training), Way of the Tracker (professional training), Body-orientated Interpersonal Skills (core skills), Practice Management (core skills)
Teaching testimonials

I really enjoyed ChaNan's level of enthusiasm and dedication. I loved how she held the space and focussed on the relevant parts of the teaching.... I enjoy having a teacher who is present and responsive

I think my favourite thing about the teaching is that it is so fluid and intuitively done. It is never overly prescriptive or heavy and so it enables the participants to be fully engaged as an integral part of the journey.

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