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Creative Kinesiology and Touch for Health Training based in Guatemala, Central America. Para información en español puedes consultar mi pagina web
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For more than 20 years I have been giving treatments and training others in a broad range of massage and holistic therapies in Guatemala and all around Central America. The process of pioneering Kinesiology from base zero, translating the Perceptual Bodywork course into Spanish and bringing professional, internationally certified courses to this part of the world has been exceptionally rewarding. My focus now is to nurture and hold space for the development of Kinesiology in Central America.

We now have a solid base of highly trained, professional Kinesiologists from different parts of Latin America living and working in Guatemala. Please consult the overseas practitioner list should you wish to receive a Creative Kinesiology session in Guatemala.

If you are interested in learning this heart-centred Kinesiology modality anywhere in the Americas or the Caribbean, in Spanish or English, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via Please take into account that you will need to have taken a prerequisite entrance level Kinesiology course, such as Touch for Health levels 1 to 4, to embark on this advanced level training.

Qualifications and practitioner status

I am qualified to practice and teach Touch for Health Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, EFT, Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu and other Massage modalities. I am also a qualified Mayan Spiritual Guide (Ajq'ij or Daykeeper) honouring the traditions of Mayan Calendar, Cosmovision and Fire Ceremony.

I offer mentoring to practitioners who have attended my courses in Central America.
I am qualified to teach Perceptual Bodywork and offer courses in Central America.
Client testimonials

You were very kind to me knowing that I was living through something difficult. But I feel full and eager as we conclude the Creative Kinesiology training. I grew up a lot. Thank you and blessings because you helped me on this long path of healing.
(Perceptual Bodywork student, 2016)

Louise is an outstanding teacher, 100 points, thank you for always maintaining your beautiful energy. Now Creative Kinesiology is part of my life, I feel it, I breathe it, I live it, I appreciate it, I honor it and I carry it in my heart.
(Perceptual Bodywork student, 2016)

Mentoring profile

I provide support to students and practitioners during the different stages of their professional development; from their first steps with Kinesiology, during an advanced training course such as Creative Kinesiology, onto their status as a newly qualified practitioner and eventually mentoring for experienced Kinesiologists wishing themselves to become trainers.

Creative Kinesiology students, Creative Kinesiology practitioners, Practitioners of other forms of kinesiology
Mentoring testimonials

I am satisfied with this wonderful journey we have travelled Louise. I am grateful to you for accompanying me and taking care of me. I know that after these 10 modules I am another, I am stronger and am now decisive. Infinite thanks for everything you have put into this course and the continued support, which indeed goes far beyond the course material itself.
(Perceptual Bodywork student 2006 & 2016)

As a University professor myself, Louise has been a 'teaching model' as complex as the energy system itself. Her precious handling of time, her mastery of group control and the way she has transferred this precious knowledge to us has been an impressive lesson.
(Perceptual Bodywork student, 2016)

Teaching profile

IN THE AMERICAS. I am a dynamic and passionate teacher of Perceptual Bodywork - 20 days of study with plenty of opportunity to learn the multiple techniques, lots of practice and specific exercises to improve your perceptual and intuitive skills by enhancing the use of your nine body senses.

I am very keen on providing a safe environment so that students feel able to explore their own issues during the course, healing and balancing themselves first. I am of the firm belief that the best Kinesiology practitioners are the ones who have themselves experienced the powerful changes that Kinesiology sessions can bring about.

Perceptual Bodywork (professional training)
Teaching testimonials

So impressed was I by Louise’s high intelligence, learning and application skills, her ability to communicate and her emotional empathy, her research capabilities, her integrity and her excellence at teaching, that it was with immense please that I made her leader of Perceptual Bodywork first in Guatemala and finally for the whole of the Americas. (Natalie Davenport, Creator of Perceptual Bodywork)

I loved that everything we have studied has had a practical application. I have learned a lot about myself, from my colleagues but especially from you Louise, because of your patience and ability to attend to more than 30 people in such a personal way. You have helped each one of us to understand our own stories.
(Perceptual Bodywork student, 2016

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