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Our Bony Structure (CPD)

Hunger Hill Yurts Newton Poppleford, East Devon

A workshop to explore working with the bones Our bones provide our structure. We may take them for granted as the part of us that holds us upright and is always there to provide certainty. So – how can we best care for our bones? Awareness of them will help, as well as knowing some […]


PB Practice Group


You are welcome at these PB practice sessions. Small groups of 3-4 max, with coaching and mentoring specific to Perceptual BodyTracking/Bodywork. This is a relaxed, fun atmosphere at my house where you can learn new stuff, get to grips with techniques, ask questions and talk about your client sessions. The beach is close for walks, […]


5 Elements Workshop – Wood (CPD)

Hunger Hill Yurts Newton Poppleford, East Devon

One of a series of one-day workshops, which is being offered in response to requests from practitioners for an exploration of muscle-testing and the 5 Element model. We will focus on a different element at each workshop, including practicing the wider range of muscles covered in Touch for Health, the Shen and Ko Cycles and […]


Mentoring Training Day (CPD)

Nine Springs Natural Health Centre 70 Hendford, Yeovil, Somerset

During this one day course, we will look at the important factors to consider when acting as a mentor. How to practically and impeccably manage a session, and any issues that arise that might hold us back in achieving this. Sounds heavy. we promise it won’t be. We will work with a lightness of heart […]


Taking Kinesiology online cpd

On-line Event

Everything you need to bring your Kinesiology sessions online. The workshop will be held over 3 morning classes. This is followed by a mentoring session two weeks later.  We will cover how to set up the session, working with a pendulum, working with files and check lists and monitoring through the felt sense. The course will […]


(On-line) Healing Trauma & the Vagus Nerve with Carrie Jost

On-line Event

Held on-line on ZOOM. Based on the work of Stephen Porges and others we can understand how trauma becomes embodied. This course introduces some useful methods of testing for trauma and associated parts of the energy and physical systems. We shall look at ways to release the trauma, using simple balancing approaches. You will learn […]


(In-person) Healing Trauma & the Vagus Nerve with Carrie Jost

Trevanin Farm Woodbury Salterton, East Devon

This is an in-person version of the on-line course running in October. We will be working on embodied trauma – it can stay in the body for years! The course will introduce useful testing procedures and techniques, based on the scientific work of Stephen Porges and others. We shall look at ways to release the […]


Balancing the Dreaming Body

Trevanin Farm Woodbury Salterton, East Devon

The Dreaming Body is part of our subtle anatomy.  Reaching our visions, goals and dreams depends on the energy of that part of our subtle anatomy – the Dreaming Body.  Thriving is a great goal and one that is so helped by working with our dreaming body. Over these two days we shall be discovering […]


Online Ancestral Meridians CPD

Within CK, we work with the 2 packages of energy that we bring into life, these aspects make up our Jing, both Ancestral and Spiritual which flow through our ancestral meridians. They provide a reservoir of energy, and assist our movement into leading fulfilling lives, they hold our blueprint that we inherit through our ancestry. […]


Releasing trauma; Working with the Vagus Nerve – Online Course

On-line Event

Trauma affects us all.  None of us have had a perfect life – yet we have survived, something to congratulate ourselves on!  However, some of the accidents, wounds and hurts from the past could well be affecting us in present time.  Some of us have even inherited trauma from our ancestors. The end result can […]


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