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We believe that ongoing development is a crucial part of being a successful practitioner and so this is a requirement for all members of the Creative Kinesiology Association. Our aim is that after their professional training our practitioners feel supported and part of a thriving community.

Several of our CPD courses are open both to kinesiologists and practitioners of other therapies and the caring professions. We welcome participants from other fields - their involvement brings fresh perspectives and much broader learning when we share our skills and experience.

Stay connected and up-to-date

It is all too easy to feel isolated and alone once your professional training courses have been completed, so we offer a range of interesting continuing professional development (CPD) workshops and refreshers throughout the year. We also encourage our members to attend our yearly Creative Kinesiology AGM and Gathering for updates, new research, and to connect with other practitioners and like-minded friends.

Find out how continuing professional development plays a part in the Seven Steps of Success

Our range of CPD courses

The information below will give you a taste of the CPD offerings we bring to our members and beyond during the year. Take a look at our Course Calendar for workshops that are confirmed and taking bookings, or contact the tutors directly to express your interest in any workshops you'd like to join which don't currently have firm dates planned.

Transvibrational Healing
Sound Therapy - Healing with Tuning Forks

Open to:

  • TT1 - General public
  • TT2 - Anyone able to muscle-test or dowse

Sound therapy: One of the most effective forms of healing for our future

Sound therapy has long been known to be a powerful source of healing and is recognised as being an extremely efficient healing modality both at the physical and metaphysical levels. The vibration of sound encourages healing to the body’s energy systems of the aura, chakras and meridians. These hands-on workshops offer you a friendly and fun environment as you learn. They are highly recommended for kinesiologists and others that are interested in sound as a healing modality.

  • TT workshops are 15 hours CPD
  • Trainers are Karen Way ACKPR and  Terry Shubrooke CKRP

To find out more and to express an interest in these courses, if there isn't one currently scheduled below, please contact: Karen Way

The Body as a Magical Being

Open to:

  • Any member of the Creative Kinesiology Association, from student to ACKRP

This series of monthly workshops is a practical, down-to-earth approach to help you get to know your body as a magical human being so you can live well in the material realm, with a foot in both worlds.

We will combine CK tracking with some basic aspects from Mayan and Medicine Wheel teachings, as well as the Chinese Five Elements. We will spend quality time with our bodies, feeling into the muscles and meridians. We will investigate the magical numbers that make up the body, such as the 33 spinal vertebrae and how they link with the organs and the 13 joints of the body as magical gateways. The wonderful TFH muscle tests will help you be as embodied and grounded as possible.

  • Each workshop is 12 hours CPD

To find out more and to express an interest in this course, if there isn't one currently scheduled below, please contact: Judith Hart

Running Short Workshops

Open to:

  • CKA members - from CKAP to ACKRP

Would you like to be an ‘Ambassador for Creative Kinesiology’ and welcome new clients to your practice?

These workshops have been developed for practitioners wishing to run their own short workshops to share the wonderful ‘energy medicine’ tools that we offer and demonstrate how we work within Creative Kinesiology. The aim is for you to be able to set up and hold short workshops with members of the public – who might also be your clients! The format for workshops varies so please see the calendar for detailed information.

  • Each workshop counts as a minimum of 15 hours CPD

To find out more and to express an interest in this course, if there isn't one currently scheduled below, please contact: Ali Ashby

5 Elements workshops

Open to:

  • Kinesiology practitioners

This series of one-day workshops (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) is offered in response to requests from practitioners for an exploration of muscle-testing and the 5 Element model. We will focus on a different element at each one, including practicing the wider range of muscles covered in Touch for Health, the Shen and Ko Cycles and what the elements hold on an energetic level. Participants will have space to work together and balance the element in focus for themselves.

Each workshop stands alone, so you are welcome to attend any that interest you. Dates of upcoming workshops are listed at the bottom of the page.

  • Each workshop counts as 7 hours CPD

To find out more and to express an interest in these workshops, if there isn't one currently scheduled below, please contact: Ali Ashby


Join one of our CPD courses

Depending on their content, these workshops and courses may be open to the general public, to kinesiologists of any modality, or may be specific to practitioners trained in Creative Kinesiology - please check the details of the individual course or workshop to ensure you have the right background (or practitioner status) to join.

Take a look at the list of upcoming courses below or browse through our Events and Courses Calendar to find the right CPD for you.

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