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Creative Kinesiology (CK)  is a wonderfully, flexible modality, which over the past few years has really come into its' own with many  practitioners taking their work online or by phone, helping to support hundreds of people all over the world.  Now things are opening up again, many practitioners have returned to both face to face work as well as retaining an online clinic base.

We know our bodies are wise –  that all the experiences that have happened to us throughout our lives are held within us. Symptoms come about so we can listen to what our bodies are saying – they have no other way of speaking. These symptoms often show up as any kind of discomfort, stress, aches and pains, digestive difficulties, low energy, ongoing problems of any kind, including relationships, family and not being able to achieve your goals in life.

We, here at the Creative Kinesiology School,  have responded by taking some of our trainings on line or to a mixed medium of face to face and webinar, and we have learnt how much can be learnt via online courses, so do keep an eye out as we evolve our offerings more fully.  If you would like to learn more about what we do and the courses we offer, please do have a look further, and if what we do calls to you, do get in touch.

If you are looking for a practitioner, please refer to the governing bodies we recommend the Kinesiology Federation and The BCMA and search for Creative Kinesiology.

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