What to Expect in a Session

Creative Kinesiology is an amazing tool that helps you listen to your body so you can uncover what is blocking or stopping you from achieving your goals.

Sessions are tailored to you as an individual. Each person is seen as having a unique history and experience of life. We use the tool of muscle-testing to talk to the body and find out how to help you.

What happens in a session?

You start with an initial consultation, where your practitioner will take your case history and you can share your story. This could be anything:

  • an actual physical problem
  • something nutritional (e.g. a food intolerance/sensitivity)
  • low energy or mood, feeling off colour
  • anxiety about the environment or the world we live in
  • perhaps your feelings about a past event
  • an inherited issue
  • a stress-related situation at work or home

Your practitioner will help you talk to your body so you can find out the best way to restore balance and feel better. This may be bodywork, energy balancing, looking at making changes to your diet, or your environment, simple exercises to do at home. Gentle non-invasive healing techniques are used within the session to release stress.

Typically sessions last between 1 to 1½ hours - the length of session depends on the individual practitioner.

How often should I come?

We recommend having at least three sessions of Creative Kinesiology initially, although significant change can take place after just one session. This allows time for your body to find balance and for you to be able to sense and embody a change in your symptoms.

If you make a big shift, then you will need time to adjust to the changes in your life that have taken place. You will therefore need enough sessions to help you integrate the change you have made so you have the chance to go forward in a new way.

Some people continue with Creative Kinesiology on a regular basis, weekly or fortnightly. Others find it beneficial to come for a while when they need to be functioning optimally or want help making transitions in their life. Others come for monthly maintenance sessions or an 'MOT' every few months.

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