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To be published on May 20th.

Available  from Amazon, as an ebook and from Carrie direct: for a limited period as an ebook at £0.99 and in paperback at £14.97 – or a signed copy from Carrie direct for £14.97 (includes p&p in UK)

The Way of the Tracker takes you on an exceptional journey of self-discovery into the wondrous magic of Creative Kinesiology, a holistic healing approach developed by the author. Her debut book, reveals for the first time her unique story, as well as using other people’s true stories to explain how the tracking approach can successfully address your body, mind, spirit and emotions to restore individual health, peace, happiness and fulfilment.

This revealing book shows you how to use muscle testing and a combination of proven healing power tools and techniques. It guides you to develop your personal skills of witnessing, listening and supporting to enable you to focus on the whole life of the whole person so you can, potentially, achieve miracles! This first-of-its-kind book shines the light on an enlightening

Carrie Jost

journey of inner exploration learning how to use tracking, or a detective approach, to investigate the story and understand the clues behind so many issues from emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, ancestral and nutritional causes – then stress, dis-ease or trauma held in the body or energy systems can be released and healing can occur.

Carrie Jost is a kinesiologist, psychotherapist and shamanic healer, and the founder of Creative Kinesiology. Bringing these different approaches to health and wellbeing together has been her life’s work and vocation for more than thirty years. She established the UK’s School of Creative Kinesiology in 1990 and was involved in setting up the Kinesiology Federation in the UK in 1991.

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