Train to Teach Creative Kinesiology

It requires dedication and commitment to teach Creative Kinesiology.

The quality of our CK teachers is thanks to the quality of our teacher training process. In order to ensure excellence, all our teachers who teach professionally go through a thorough and extensive training programme. They learn how to teach muscle-testing to others in the CK way.

Teaching gives a completely new angle and depth to self-exploration, self-reflection and personal evolution. The teaching process detailed below, relates to those who wish to start their Creative Kinesiology teaching journey.

Teaching Requirements

If you are a practitioner wanting to offer simple kinesiology taster sessions to the general public in order to attract clients and advertise your own practice, then you are welcome to simply go ahead and do that, without the need for teacher training.

Each of the Steps 1-3 below builds on the next so that you grow into a confident and competent Creative Kinesiology teacher. Start by holding simple, short workshops based on the LifeTracking material, and then decide if you want to go on to teach Foundation and Professional Level courses.

The Creative Kinesiology Teaching Route towards Mastery

Following this step-by-step route will lead you to experience the rewards of teaching creatively and take you on the path towards mastery within Creative Kinesiology.

I want to teach...
Short workshops using LifeTracking material

I need to...

  • Complete the LifeTracking Foundation course
  • Complete Part One of the professional training (the 20-day tutored course) - Perceptual BodyTracking, Perceptual Bodywork or Way of the Tracker
  • Join the CK Association
  • Complete the CPD 'How to Teach Short CK workshops'
  • Repeat the LifeTracking Foundation course
  • Secure the agreement of the Head of Creative Kinesiology to teach at this level

I want to teach...
The LifeTracking 10-day foundation course

I need to...

Complete Step One above plus:

  • Hold Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner (CKRP) status for one year
  • Complete a second repeat of the LifeTracking Foundation course
  • Complete the three Creative Kinesiology teaching courses: Group Work Skills, Presenting Kinesiology, Consolidating Teaching (if you have equivalent teaching qualifications, please discuss this with your Mentor or CK Teacher)
  • Secure the agreement of the Head of Creative Kinesiology to teach at this level

I want to teach...
Way of the Tracker, Perceptual BodyTracking or Perceptual Bodywork 20-day professional courses

I need to...

Complete Steps One and Two above plus:

  • Hold Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner (CKRP) status for three years (in total)
  • Complete two repeats of the professional course you wish to teach: Perceptual BodyTracking, Perceptual Bodywork or Way of the Tracker
  • Secure the agreement of the Head of Creative Kinesiology to teach at this level

Creative Kinesiology Teacher Training Course

Who is this teacher training for?

This course is open to Creative Kinesiology practitioners who have fulfilled the required status detailed above, and have sufficient experience to begin to teach the Foundation course: LifeTracking.

How long is the teacher training?

The full training course amounts to eight days of classroom training, plus another eight days of home study. It requires a desire to teach, as well as commitment, since part of the home study involves planning a first Foundation level course and teaching it while being assessed as a teacher.

What does the training consist of?

Part One: Group Work Skills

This part of the teacher training focuses on how to run a small group. Creative Kinesiology training courses tend to be small (less than 12 people). Knowing the dynamics of, and having practised running, a small group helps greatly with understanding how to get the best out of students. You will work within a group of prospective teachers, and bringing your own issues into the focus of the group is one of the ways that learning is facilitated.

Part Two: Presenting Kinesiology - The nuts and bolts of teaching

Here we explore how to plan classes, how to be assertive in class, effective running of a class, and putting over the material in a way that assists learning for students. Ethics, values and the teaching process are also covered.

Part Three: Consolidating the Teaching Process

At this point we bring together all aspects of teaching Creative Kinesiology, deal with personal and group issues, and bring projects, book reviews and lesson planning into focus. It is the launchpad for new teachers.


This includes:

  • Keeping a study journal
  • Book review
  • Observation and writing up of two group processes
  • Researching and presenting a project
  • Further written work – choice of subjects
  • Lesson planning for the first module(s) of the Foundation course you are teaching – you will be observed while running the Foundation course

How to join a course

This course runs on demand when there is a suitable group of student teachers ready to undertake the teacher training. If you are wanting to participate in our teacher training, please contact Carrie Jost to express your interest.

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