Core Subjects

We offer a range of Core Subjects courses for professional practitioners. These courses focus on practitioner skills that will develop and deepen your practice. They will help you work with clients over time and run a successful holistic therapy business.

The following Core Subject courses are required by the Creative Kinesiology Association in order to achieve Registered Practitioner professional kinesiologist status:

Who are these Core Subjects courses for?

These courses will be suitable if you:

  • have completed the tutored course of the Creative Kinesiology professional training, or are about to embark on professional training
  • qualified as a practitioner with a different school of kinesiology
  • are a professional in the caring professions wishing to develop current skills

Find out about the part these Core Subjects play in the Seven Steps of Success

What do these courses teach?

The courses aim to help give you a greater understanding of the anatomy of the body, aspects of nutrition, listening and witnessing skills, and running a successful therapy business. This will allow you to weave these aspects of practice into your work and, if any area piques your interest, go on to study at greater depth.

See the individual course pages for more detail:

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