Body-oriented Interpersonal Skills

We set great store by our Interpersonal Skills training, seeing this as the foundation of how we work with people.

This Core Subject training will help you work with Creative Kinesiology whilst addressing both the emotions and the physical body together.

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Bodywork has a crucial part to play in all Creative Kinesiology work - with this can come the release of emotion and stuck energy, and yet also a feeling of vulnerability for the client. Supporting clients within this vulnerable process is a vital part of your practice and this course will help you with the skills you need whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran within holistic health.

Our experience with Creative Kinesiology shows very clearly that unless we include both the emotional aspect and the physical body in our work then the changes we are working to achieve with our clients do not always hold.

This course introduces the way we work with our clients and helps us to go deeper into the fascination, curiosity and wonder at how humans survive in this life.  The course brings to light the way that stress, anxiety, fear and trauma can be held in the physical self.  By exploring use of counselling and witnessing skills, you will discover how to hold your client with sensitivity, listening to their story, discovering where the stress is held and use of different methods of release.  Methods of witnessing, energy work and movement can be usefully brought into this work.

Prior learning

Although we highly recommend our in-house course for all Creative Kinesiology graduates, if you already hold a qualification in body-oriented counselling or psychotherapy that you would like to be considered for your registered practitioner status please contact us to discuss.

Please note, although we honour and acknowledge the valuable training and experience of other counselling and psychotherapy courses, graduates of courses that do not specifically involve a body-oriented approach are required to participate in this Core Subject training. This also applies to those who might not have a certified qualification, but have counselling experience from jobs and careers. This requirement is in place to highlight the importance of the body-oriented approach within Creative Kinesiology.

Courses from our Creative Kinesiology teachers

'Body-oriented Interpersonal Skills'

The course is run as a six-day course in two modules of  three days, plus homestudy.

It is offered by our Creative Kinesiology Advanced Practitioners:

This requires ten body observation exercises, ten case studies involving body-oriented inter-personal skills, a book review, and personal reflection/journal.

On successful completion of the tuition days and the home study you will be awarded an Interpersonal Skills certificate from the School of Creative Kinesiology.

The course covers the syllabus required by the Kinesiology Federation as a core subject.

The course is open to you during or after completing Creative Kinesiology professional training, or on completion of any therapeutic/holistic professional training course.

Other courses we recommend

This is not a course that can be done by correspondence or e-learning!

If you are not able to travel for the Creative Kinesiology in-house Body-oriented Interpersonal Skills course, then we would recommend a body-oriented counselling course accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

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